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Nightmare Fuel / Prague Race

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  • The comic's art style and coloring generates a eerie tone.
  • The antique shop Leona and Colin go into is just creepy in general, but this page ups the eerie atmosphere.
  • The poster Leona shows Colin and Miko isn't exactly something one would want on their wall. Especially not when it's actually a magic device that attaches itself to Leona and causes hands to reach out of her back.
  • The conecows that break into Leona's apartment are rather unsettling.
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  • This newspaper headline is scary on it's own, but when you find out that the man was actually partially EATEN by Toska, it becomes a lot creepier.
  • When the trio find out that the creepy poster has been cut into, they become frightened themselves, but what they don't know is that the middle part of the poster actually tattooed itself onto Leona's back
  • The dog, Fishsticks, transformation into a walking shark.
  • Toska and Sela kidnapping Colin and tying him up forms an incredibly scary atmosphere and significantly darkens the mood of the comic. However, there's some Nightmare Retardant in that Toska used red ribbon as rope.
  • Sela feeding Colin to Fishsticks is simultaneously horrifying AND heartwrenching.
  • Toska going to Leona's apartment to kill Leona and Miko is a particularly nervewracking moment.
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  • "Someone's coming."
  • The hands that sprout from Leona's back.
  • This abomination that appears from the darkest corner of the sewers is nothing short of terrifying.
  • This tarasque. Too many eyes, not enough sockets.

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