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Nightmare Fuel / Postal

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Looks like some good old fashion wholesome family entertainment here.note 
Alright, let's be really completely honest. Most of the series may not only have some amusing content, but they also may have plenty of unsettling stuff out there. Specially the first installment, though.
    Postal/Postal Redux
10/21/1997: I am the celestial gardener, policing the planet of the stink weeds and poisons which leak out even through the cracks in the cold asphalt sidewalks of the City of Sin!
     2007 Film
  • The head's on pikes in the Postal Dude's boss's office, as pictured. Even though the boss jokes that they are fake and just there to scare employees (even though one of them starts leaking blood), they are still pretty creepy.
  • J. K. Simmons' creepy smiley face after getting bombed by a suicide bomber.
  • All the kids at Uwe Boll's Nazi Theme Park getting gunned down. We get a pleasant aerial shot of the huge pile of dead kids laying about.