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Nightmare Fuel / Polandball

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  • Finnish children shows are made out of this.
  • The mere existence of Reichtangle, Germany's Super-Powered Evil Side. It does not show any emotions whatsoever, seeking only to conquer or annex and speaking in a cold, mechanical voice.
    Guten Tag.
  • A real Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • "Wholesome Activities" is basically the epitome of this trope and Torture Porn.
  • Welcome to Paraguay.
  • Remember me?
  • Crimes against humanity and its bonus panel does a good job of showing some of the most horrific atrocities in history, apart from the last one.
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  • The Greatest Enemy, where the Third Reich comes back to haunt Germany, has some pretty terrifying imagery.
  • This is particularly frightening if you know the context.
  • Two of the Axis powers time-travel to a certain infamous rally in America and come to a chilling conclusion.
  • This comic has a pretty frightening depiction of the Black Death.
  • Antigonish features the past forms of various countries coming back to haunt them, eyeless and silent. Except the Roman Empire, who is too disappointed in modern Italy to actually haunt it.
  • ISIS learns that even though it feels it's the worlds greatest enemy, there is someone definitely worse than his little jihad.
  • Rebirth of Estonia can be very disturbing for those with the faint of heart. Aside from the scene in the end.
  • Descriptions of how Mauritania got his never-ending smile.
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  • How ISIS was born. To say the situation has Gone Horribly Wrong is an understatement.
  • Dark Thoughts, a four-parter comic that depicts what would happen if the EU really is the Fourth Reich his detractors claim him to be. The title alone gives you at least a rough idea about how nightmarish the comic is, but here are some moments that stood out;
    • Mutiple panels show EU hearing voices in his head. Yikes.
    • Earlier on, he was shown to shoot Russia multiple times when he snapped thanks to his tiredness. It's just his thoughts, but the scene is still pretty scary. Even Iran looked terrified.
    • The scene where Reichtangle pops out in the mirror and slowly takes over EU. His reaction is not pretty.
    • Then, there is the panel where EU anschlusses Germany... Not by absorbing him like Polandball usually depicted, but by EATING him. The SFX doesn't help the situation much either, and cue Poland watching the whole thing in horror. It is also heavily implied that the EU also did this to the other countries he poisoned using the coffee he handed out.
    • The panels where EU (as Reichtangle) ambushes the UK and other non-EU members' hideout. UK gets poisoned by a Zyklon B canister, and after that, the next panel goes black, with the non-EU European countries implied to have been anschlussed. Even Switzerland.
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    • The Deluxe Edition isn't much better. In one new panel, we see Serbia being used as a "cup of drink". Does one wonder what the EU (as Reichtangle) did to the rest of the Balkan countries or the rest of the European countries? Let's not mention Ukraine being "eaten" by EU (before delivering a "Fuck you" to Russia).

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