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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon: The Great Adventure

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Despite having many awesome and heartwarming moments, Pokémon: the Great Adventure and its sequels have some straight out nightmarish scenes, shown or implied...

  • The Adult Fear Silver has to face in the first movie chapter. Not only does Mewtwo kidnap and clone his surrogate son, said surrogate son later ends up petrified just because he sufficiently pissed off Mewtwo. The Ancient proceeds to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and is going to kill Mewtwo... and is stopped by a Physical God that threatens to [wipe out his kind if he doesn't listen, forcing him to obey. Ash has just died, and Silver has no choice but to give up vengeance to protect his people. Talk about a Sadistic Choice...
    • We later learn that the Ancients, Silver's species and the survivor of the lost world of Ea, are under constant threat of Genocide if Silver doesn't play ball with the Legendary Council. Any step off the line and an entire civilization is wiped off the map. In what shape must the surviving Ancients live?

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  • The Rocket Rebels are much worse than the original Team Rocket. How bad are they? The second movie plot is their fault. These guys are not only willing to bomb the Gym of their former boss, they are willing to unleash a natural disaster on the region Team Rocket is located to deal with them. And that's without accounting Proton forcing Ash to watch as his region - and thus his family, home and friends - are being wiped off the map, causing him to undergo a minor Heroic BSoD.

  • No long after that chapter, we learn a bit of what happened to Ea, the world of the Ancients: it was destroyed in a terrible war against another world. Aside from losing their world when the Ean gods tore a part of it away to save it, highlights include most of the elemental Ean gods losing their lives and the heart of the Ean god of water being used to sink entire islands to get rid of the invading forces.

  • In the third movie chapter, after Simon performs a Heroic Sacrifice by shoving Ash out of the way of some crystal pikes and gets half-disemboweled for his trouble, Ash snaps in a way only a Chosen can... and the result makes Silver freak out. Put it simply, Ash proceeds to demonstrate the darker sides of his powers as his melody sends half of the Legendary Council in a blood-curling frenzy. Among the participants are Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Giratina and Yveltal. Then Ash nearly kills Molly with an Aura Sphere. You know the Despair Event Horizon has been crossed when someone as nice as Ash is ready to kill a frightened little girl. Fortunately, Nathea interfered.
    • Scene aside, the song is heavily implied to be that for Pokémon. Yveltal straight-out stated it would play at the end of the world, Cresselia begged for it to stop and the weaker Legendaries were all butt pissing themselves at the sound. Even Arceus was affected somehow by it, even though he tried to hide it. The only one not affected due to being a human god was Nathea, and she had to temporarily cut Ash's access to Aura to stop the music.
      • You know things have gone south when the only viable solution to end the threat is to deprive a Chosen One from his powers, however temporary that may be.

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