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Nightmare Fuel / Planet of the Apes (1968)

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  • Right at the start of the film, there's The Reveal as to what happened to the female astronaut, Stewart, whose stasis capsule malfunctioned and caused her to wither and age into a horribly desiccated corpse, which is actually shown on screen with a creepily realistic mannequin.
    • Her fate gets even worse when Fridge Horror sinks in; did she really sleep through her aging to death? Or, worse, was she somehow conscious and aware through it all?
  • The hunt sequence; all of a sudden, a peaceful frolic in the wilderness turns into a nightmare as unseen stalkers begin blowing horns and shooting at our heroes, who can only run for their lives as the native humans scatter and die all around them.
  • Followed by the climatic reveal; the hunters are Killer Gorillas with rifles, complete with scenes of them posing with their kills like human hunters.
  • Taylor learns in the "zoo" that the apes plan to geld him, which he only does because they still think he's just a dumb, unthinking animal.
  • During Taylor's flight from the zoo, he stumbles across a science museum... where he finds his former African-American colleague has been skinned, stuffed and mounted for display.
  • The whole idea of the trial, where Taylor must fight to somehow convince the apes to let him live even as they accuse him of heresy for something he has no knowledge of.
    • During the trial, he meets the last of his crew - now a lobotomized vegetable - and is told that this is the fate that awaits him.

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