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Nightmare Fuel / Planet of the Apes

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  • The expansion on the lobotomy of Landon in the 'Conspiracy' novel. Even without film to accompany it, it's still freaky.
  • The original Marvel Comics storyline for the Planet of the Apes was called "Terror on the Planet of the Apes!" It was accurately named indeed...
    • The basic plot is that our protagonists have been framed for murdering the wife of a police officer, when he actually killed her himself to cover up his connections to an ape supremacist movement.
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    • The Mutant Drones; horribly deformed mutants that have been lobotomized and equipped with cybernetic parts to serve as the pawns of the Gestalt Mind: a mad artificial intelligence combined of multiple linked brains in life-support systems.
    • "Apeworld" is depicted as being infested with aliens, giant monsters and all manner of horrible mutants.
    • The Makers, a faction of mad cyborgs out to enslave the world.