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Nightmare Fuel / Planet of the Apes

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  • The expansion on the lobotomy of Landon in the 'Conspiracy' novel. Even without film to accompany it, it's still freaky.
  • The original Marvel Comics storyline for the Planet of the Apes was called "Terror on the Planet of the Apes!" It was accurately named indeed...
    • The basic plot is that our protagonists have been framed for murdering the wife of a police officer, when he actually killed her himself to cover up his connections to an ape supremacist movement.
    • The Mutant Drones; horribly deformed mutants that have been lobotomized and equipped with cybernetic parts to serve as the pawns of the Gestalt Mind: a mad artificial intelligence combined of multiple linked brains in life-support systems.
    • "Apeworld" is depicted as being infested with aliens, giant monsters and all manner of horrible mutants.
    • The Makers, a faction of mad cyborgs out to enslave the world.
  • The "bumpers" played in 1981 for the TV series have Galen explaining how the human astronauts did return to their time. He stayed behind as he didn't want to go to a world where he'd be treated as an animal. What makes his following words chilling is Roddy McDowell's upbeat tone as he shows a toy of an ape playing a grinder while holding a human on a chained collar playing cymbals.
    Galen: Would you come to my world willingly, hmm? You will. Eventually. It's only...a matter...of time.