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Nightmare Fuel / Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night

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Friendly reminder: this premiered in 1987 on Christmas Day.

  • The scene of Pinocchio being turned back into a puppet by Puppetino (pictured above). The real horror sets in during the panning shots showing all the other puppets in Puppetino's collection when you realize that Pinocchio is far from his first victim.
    • To explain, Pinocchio is forced to dance, screaming and begging to stop, as he's slowly turned back into a puppet. This scene has been compared to a rape scene, and was in fact altered in the version that was broadcast on television.
    • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Close your eyes and listen to it - New level of Adult Fear.
    • The creepy, deranged music doesn't help.
    • And all the while, Puppetino wears Slasher Smile after Slasher Smile. And he's enjoying it.
  • The Emperor of the Night himself can be awesomely scary for younger viewers. That awesome voice of his doesn't hurt.
    • Not helping his case are the many jump scares he performs throughout the entire film.
    • His introduction, where he shapeshifts into the people Pinocchio met in the Land Where Dreams Come True.

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