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Nightmare Fuel / Peter Pan

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You think fairies are nice and sweet? Think Again!
As fantastical as the film is, the film demonstrates a lot of cases of Adult Fear in which children are whisked away to a land of dangerous creatures and killers by a magical immortal boy with barely any conscience and a self-centered focus on having fun. Even at the cost of the lives of others.
  • Peter Pan himself who if not for his Curious Qualms of Conscience would be a straight Villain Protagonist. He's a nasty deconstruction of Immortal Immaturity. He's an immortal flying elf child trapped in eternal youth and is also an amoral Jerkass who would put your life in danger for a laugh and has a nasty case of Disproportionate Retribution that caused him to cut off Captain Hook's hand and feed it to a crocodile for little for than a prank and egg on the crocodile to eat Hook whole when possible. He does things on a whim, treats people rather insensitively and as if they're all playing a game, and doesn't consider their feelings. The end result is that Wendy, the girl he wanted in Neverland to never grow up and was once a supreme fan of his, tires of him and the world and decides to leave. He's also more than happy to banish his lifelong friend Tinkerbell without much trouble if she offends him enough. His first appearance when sneaking into Wendy's home to find his shadow with a creepy pan flute Leitmotif highlights his puckish and downright malignant tendencies.
    • The fact he kidnaps Wendy to take her to Neverland all so she can tell him stories about himself and serve as his "mother" forever is creepy in itself. He also nearly gets the kids killed when he forgets to give them Pixie Dust to make them fly.
  • Neverland itself is filled with malignant magical creatures such as the Mermaids who try to make a game out of attempting to drown Wendy while Peter Pan just laughs. Not to mention Cannibals as Cannibal Cove will prove.
  • Tinkerbell is a blatant example of Cute and Psycho in the film in that her first reactions was to try and kill Wendy when she thought Wendy was taking Pan's attention from her. She smugly admits her murder attempts later and feels no remorse before and after the fact. Not to mention how she glows red with a noticeable Death Glare when angry. Even creepier is that her glow isn't just luminescent and that when she glows red she's hot enough to burn through leaves with ease.
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  • The number of gruesome deaths the Darling kids could have gone through would have given their parents heart attacks. Wendy almost falls to her death after being shot by the Lost Boys, she's hated and nearly killed by Tinker Bell, picked on and nearly drowned by the mermaids, and captured by Hook who also tries to kill her. Her brothers are nearly burned at the stake by the Indians.
  • Captain Hook though Laughably Evil can be downright terrifying and murderous when angry. He kills his own crewmembers on a regular basis and blatantly murdered two of them for annoying him. He also had no problem trying to kill the Darling children and Lost Boys if they refused to join his crew and tortured Tiger Lily with the promise of drowning her to lure out Peter Pan. Hook's own crew including Smee are implied to be just as murderous and used to plunder ships and slit throats until Hook focused all their efforts on killing Peter Pan for taking Hook's hand.
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  • The Crocodile is acknowledged as In-Verse Nightmare Fuel for Hook in that it's a Super-Persistent Predator who loved the taste of Hook after eating his hand so much that it will forever chase Hook until it can eat the rest of him. Thanks to eating Hook's alarm clock, Hook now can always know when death is near by the sound of the clock's ticking getting closer.

The Live-Action Film

  • The 2003 film really hammers it in that Hook is a dangerous, vicious adult fully capable and willing of harming children. He knocks Peter around hard enough to draw blood and grabs Wendy by the throat at one point.
    • In particular his interactions with Peter and Wendy play off on the idea of a vulnerable minor alone with a predatory adult.
    Hook: My new obsession is you, not dear Peter Pan or his whereabouts.
    • Wendy, hiding alone in the ruins of the Black Castle, is too entranced at first to be afraid of the character from her stories but the scene takes a dark turn when Hook comes close to finding her. The way he brandishes his hook suggests he would have attacked her on sight.
  • Just a day in Neverland causes Wendy to forget her parents and she's visibly unsettled when she realises this. Then, when she asks her brothers who their parents are, they reply with utter conviction that she and Peter are mother and father.
  • The mermaids, who are played far creepier and less human than either the book or the animated film. They look more like something out of Harry Potter.

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