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Nightmare Fuel / Perception

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  • The entire conceit of the game is that a blind woman is exploring a haunted house by herself. This means that, by default, she's enshrouded in darkness. The only sources of sound Cassie can use to visualize her surroundings are inconsistent and very short-ranged.
  • The first hints that things aren't alright are the furniture flying around and doors slamming. These are cheap scares in other horror games, but the fact that you're don't know what you're up against raises the fear level. Are they ghosts? Are they cannibals? You don't know until you press on.
    • Speaking of things popping out of nowhere, a roaring blaze has a tendency to interrupt your adventures.
  • There is definitely something in the house. You can't see it, but it makes squelching noises as though it were eating something. You won't even think of tapping your cane.
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  • The first time you're attacked. You're looking for pills in a car and a creature pops out and pounces you. Everything you see turns yellow for an instant.
  • Constantly tapping your cane is the best way to see things and could make your stay shorter. That is until you tap and instead of the calming blue you're used to, the whole world turns yellow and the game notifies you to knock it off unless you want to be attacked.
  • You're walking in what appears to be a room covered in bubble wrap or velcro. This is by far the most "visible" room you've set foot in. Progress through it enough and you're greeted with a simple command: Find a Place to Hide.
    • The hiding place is weirdly-shaped chest, that allows you to see what's tailing you. The screen doesn't turn yellow when the creature approaches. It turns red.
  • Chapter Three can be described with one trope: Creepy Dolls
    • One pops up with a tray of cookies. This is guaranteed to surprise you.
    • The dolls start moving along parts of the track... and shooting.
    • After crawling underneath a door, you find yourself surrounded by the things.
    • They might not all be mechanical. One purposely locks you in a room while taunting you.
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  • Nick is your amiable friend who interprets photos you send him. You land in an enclosed space, surrounded by liquid, and ask Nick what he sees. He becomes uncharacteristically unnerved and offers to call the police. He helps you out by pointing something clogging the pipe. When you drain the room, you find you've been standing on a corpse.

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