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Nightmare Fuel / Peanuts

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Good grief!

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    Newspaper Strip 
  • In one strip, Charlie Brown, not having a kite to fly, attaches some string to Snoopy's collar and uses him as a kite, who uses his ears to create the lift needed to fly. But it doesn't work for long, and Snoopy plummets to the ground and SHATTERS into a hundred pieces!! Luckily it was just Snoopy having a nightmare from eating too much pizza before sleeping, but still, that image of him shattering in front of his master must've upset a LOT of kids at the time! Here's the link for those who want it.
  • One story arc has Linus's blanket come to life and start stalking and attacking Lucy at every opportunity to the point where she stays outside all night hiding from it. At one point it lunges out of Linus's hands at her, and it has a mouth.
  • In one very old series of strips set in winter back in February of 1960, Snoopy wakes up to find an icicle the size of a sword dangling over his doghouse, and was too terrified to budge an inch, lest it crash down and kill him. Eventually, Charlie Brown convinced him to make a dash for it by placing a freshly baked pizza several hundred yards away; when he caught a whiff of his favorite food, he charged for it and escaped, just in time, as true to his fear, the icicle crashed down and destroyed the doghouse. What was terrifying was how much Truth in Television this is – icicles can and have killed people. To be fair, though, it does end with a Crowning Line of Funny:
    Charlie Brown and Lucy: Saved by a Pizza!
    Snoopy: Good grief!
  • The way Lucy was originally depicted in the strip can have a potentially Uncanny Valley feel. Just look at her.
  • The strip from October 21, 1984, features Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts sitting around a campfire at night. Snoopy tells them that there's a full moon out, and that they had better be careful, because when the full moon is out, he turns into a "Werebeagle". Snoopy is briefly shown as a Werebeagle for a single panel, which scares the Beagle Scouts.
  • One December 1952 strip showed Lucy showing Linus to sit up close to the television, after the third panel of that strip, well, take a look what happened in the final panel of the strip.

    Specials and Movies 
  • What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown!: Snoopy has a horrible Acid Reflux Nightmare where he's stuck working as a sled dog in the Alaskan wilderness; he's abused and starved, becomes feral, and then dies getting pulled into a frozen lake, screaming and clawing for his life. Even if the whole special was All Just a Dream, one could argue that this was inappropriate for the Peanuts specials' target audience.
  • In A Boy Named Charlie Brown we get a Disney Acid Sequence to the tune of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8. Not only does it totally come out of nowhere, but those foreboding church paintings and that....face thing at the end floating around on a pure black background can look VERY unsettling to you as a child.
  • In A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, we get the sight of Snoopy and Woodstock enjoying a Thanksgiving feast. A cooked turkey is on the table as we watch Snoopy and Woodstock thoroughly enjoying their meal. Everyone knows that a turkey is a bird...and so is Woodstock...
  • In It's a Mystery Charlie Brown!, Snoopy and Woodstock sneak into the school's science fair to reclaim Woodstock's nest but also play around with some of the exhibits. One of them gives Snoopy an electrical shock, and he briefly turns into a screaming skeleton.
  • The art style for Blue Sky Studios' movie adaptation can have an Uncanny Valley effect on some viewers.
  • At the beginning of the "Suppertime" segment in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!", Snoopy imagines himself starving to death and we see his skeleton.
  • From It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:
    • The whole "Snoopy shot down behind enemy lines" sequence. That eerie flute music (coupled with the distant gunfire and air-raid siren) doesn't help.
    • Not to mention the opening title sequence, which shows the kids in their costumes running around in terror from huge, ghostly Halloween monsters like skeletons, witches, and big black cats while disembodied Evil Laughter is heard. They eventually hide in a pumpkin patch, but the sequence ends with an Ominous Owl flying at the screen. The whole thing is a Disney Acid Sequence and Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, to boot.
    • Completely justified, of course, since this is a Halloween Special we're talking about.
  • There's a Peanuts cartoon that's pretty freaky, despite it being All Just a Dream. Charlie Brown decides to fly Snoopy like a kite. It all starts funnily enough, as the wind under Snoopy's flapping ears lifts him higher and higher. To Charlie's initial delight, until he suddenly reacts with a horrified "NO! Oh, NO!!!!" And Snoopy plummets from the sky, impacts with the ground, and smashes (albeit bloodlessly) into fragments like a dropped vase. Cue a terrified Snoopy waking up in a cold sweat: "Man! I've GOT to stop eating those 30-inch pizzas before bedtime!"

  • Though it's not official, WITS did a sketch of an "unpublished lost strip", with Paget Brewster as Lucy, regarding the ol' classic football gag. Except that she insists that she never pulled the football away, and he's just imagining it. Like the kite-eating tree, or Snoopy being alive. It's not clear which is worse; the idea that Charlie's been hallucinating everything we just chalked up to "comic strip weirdness", or that a little girl is that good at gaslighting someone.
  • A meta example: Early runs of the strip featured a minor character named Charlotte Braun, who was not very well-liked by fans due to her one-note personality. A young fan wrote to Schulz to complain about her, and his reply was that he would eventually take Charlotte Braun out of the strip, but he warned her that she would have “the death of an innocent child” on her conscience, and asked her if she was prepared to accept such a responsibility. At the bottom of the letter was a drawing of Charlotte Braun with an axe planted in her head. Yikes.
  • A minor one but any of the Volumetric Mouth moments can come off as this to those who aren't used to it.


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