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Nightmare Fuel / Peaky Blinders

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  • The slo-mo scene where the Shelby boys curb-stomp the Lees is unnerving, with the silent screams and shouts of the men and only the soundtrack playing.
  • The sudden onset of paranoia, fear, and PTSD flashbacks all three of the Shelby boys develop when they find that the Lees have left a bomb in the ransacked house. It could literally be anywhere, and then it gets worse when Tommy figures out where it is, and finds Finn playing in the booby-trapped car.
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  • Something is really not quite right with the one IRA sympathizer Tommy meets with, screaming an IRA song in the Garrison and looking as if he might break the whisky bottle over Tommy's head. Not to mention being suicidal enough to threaten a notorious gang leader in his own pub.
  • Darby Sabini's introduction — having his goons beat Tommy to within an inch of his life, then opening his mouth, ripping out one of his teeth, and cutting his cheek.
  • The attempted rape and beating of Ada from the same time period.
  • Alfie's violent outburst against a random Black Country recruit.
  • The Peaky Blinders' takeover of the Eden Club. Their thugs beat the shit of any patrons, men and women, who happen to get in their way and Arthur brutally stabs the boss in the throat and face repeatedly with a broken bottle.
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  • Campbell's rape of Polly from 2.05.
  • Tommy's descent into despair and near monstrousness in 3.03, where he nearly tortures Vincente Changretta before Arthur and John intervene and kill the old man first.
  • Tommy's blind panic when he realizes that Charles isn't in the house anymore and has likely been kidnapped is the epitome to Adult Fear.
  • The opening of 4.01, where Arthur, John, Michael, and Polly are all nearly hanged, their necks in the nooses and salvation only coming at the last second.
  • The kitchen murder in 4.01, with Tommy using a butcher's hook to rip open a spy in his household. He ends up just soaked in blood.
  • Luca Changretta faking-out Tommy and turning up in Michael's hospital room, holding a gun to his head and dry-firing it. This is the third time Michael has been prepared to die.
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  • The teaser for season 5 (scene is from 5.02) shows Tommy walking into the middle of a field with a weird scarecrow. The scarecrow has a note on it for Tommy stating "Look down on earth and see the seeds you have sown." Tommy then notices that he is in the middle of a minefield. As he is slowly making his way out of the field, he sees his son running toward him.
  • Aberama Gold is helpless as he forced to watch as the Billy Boys torture his son by beating him with the butt of a shotgun and crucifying him. They then finish him off with a bullet to the head while Aberama cannot do anything to stop them.

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