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Nightmare Fuel / Outpost

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You can't kill what's already dead.
  • If fighting an undead elite SS unit wasn't scary enough... they can also become invisible and move through solid objects.
  • Taktarov's death in the first movie. We see him being mutilated and begging for mercy, claiming that he has a little child... and then the ghosts drive a bullet casing into his eye. Even worse, they later kill Voytech, and when the remaining soldiers wake up, they are instantly scared shitless by the sight of two bodies of their comrades with their heads conjoined.
  • The very build-up before the first attack in the same movie. Nazi ghosts start appearing behind the back of some soldiers and then disappear as soon as they turn around. Then, while trying to adjust a radio, Mac hears the old Nazi music blasting into his ears. Outside, the soldiers are greeted with some... screech which makes them drop to the ground and cover their ears - and then the shadowy figures of Nazi soldiers start appearing in the fog, resulting in a shoot-out. This eventually leads to a strong wind blowing at them... and that's when Taktarov vanishes out of the blue.

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