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Nightmare Fuel / 101 Dalmatians

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If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will...!
Considering the whole conflict of the movie is a twisted hag who wants to kill a bunch of dalmatian puppies to make coats out of their hides, you can be certain it has Nightmare Fuel aplenty.
  • Cruella De Vil. What else can one expect from someone with the words cruel and devil in her name. She's a walking representation of animal abuse and vanity whose prime focus is to make fashion wear out of animals and is gunning for the puppies of her old school friend. She only gets worse throughout the film as she literally goes insane trying to get the puppies and sports a prolific Nightmare Face during the pursuit.
  • The many examples of Adult Fear in the film alone:
    • Perdita's reaction to hearing that Cruella wants her puppies. She tearfully tells Pongo that she was so happy before, but now wishes they weren't having any.
    • Lucky is stillborn; only Roger's persistence at CPR: Clean, Pretty, Reliable saves him.
    • How Horace and Jasper break into the flat; after putting on a Bavarian Fire Drill that fails, they simply charge their way in, having Jasper distract Nanny by locking her up in a room while Horace collects the puppies. After they leave and Nanny finds the puppies gone, she runs into the streets calling for help and crying.
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    • The kidnapping of the puppies is very much presented as if it was Roger's and Anita's children who were taken as well as Pongo and Perdita's.
    • The idea of having your children (or pets) kidnapped is bad enough, but imagine them being kidnapped by an insane Serial Killer who wants to wear their skin.
    • Pongo and Perdita trudging through the snow completely lost while the children are slowly freezing to death and all they can do is keep going. If the collie hadn't arrived when he did, they'd have lost at least a few puppies.
  • The many ways Cruella wants the puppies put down is unsettling from drowning to poisoning using Ether. She eventually settles for her goons beating them to death and skinning the bodies.
  • The shot where Hell Hall darkening with the moon disappearing behind the clouds, when Sgt. Tibbs and Colonel go there to investigate, is quite creepy. The Colonel even warns Tibbs to be careful going in there.
    Colonel: They say the old place is haunted or bewitched or some such fiddle faddle.
    Tibbs: (uneasy) Fiddle faddle and rot, sir.
    Colonel: (as Hell Hall darkens) Just the same, Sergeant, use extreme caution. No telling what sort of hocus pocus you might run into.

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