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Nightmare Fuel / On Her Majesty's Secret Service

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  • Shaun Campbell is killed after being spotted by Blofeld's men while escalating Piz Gloria, and his body is left hanging to freeze near the cable car station for Bond to see as a deterrent for interfering with Blofeld's operations. We never see exactly how, where or who caused him to meet his end, which makes it even worse.
  • Blofeld brainwashes young women into spreading a virus that can potentially starve humanity. The way he controls them over a loudspeaker seems like a cult. The droning music that plays over these scenes only adds to the effect.
  • One of Blofeld's mooks falls right into the path of a snowblower train during the ski chase. Cue the blood and guts geyser. "He had lots of guts" indeed.
    • Look closer during this scene. Blofeld actually goes through the flying blood and entrails as he jumps the gap. Bleurgh...
  • At the end, Tracy's corpse remains up on her seat a few seconds before collapsing into Bond's arms after the drive-by shooting. The bullet in her forehead and the trails of blood on her face are visible.
  • When it happens in the movie, Bond just denies her death and cries. In the novel? He cradles his dead wife in the wreckage of his car and repeats "We have all time in World".