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Nightmare Fuel / Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games can be a happy time, but they're not without their dark side.

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    St. Louis 1904 
  • The 1904 Summer Olympics. A horribly managed farce of an event that nearly ended the tradition right then and there, its most horrifying aspect was the Marathon. A long slog of a race on dirt roads with trainers following the racers in 1900s era cars is bad enough, but then consider that there was literally only one water source that people from out of town would have problems drinking from because it was a well, the roads were littered with stones which the runners' footwear couldn't protect them from, there were feral dogs on the track who even ran one racer off course and he still finished ninth and it was reportedly a blistering 90 degrees fahrenheit in the shade and it's a wonder no one died. Jon Bois, who would later create 17776, covered the whole sordid affair as an episode of his video series Pretty Good. Fair warning, some of the stuff described is pretty terrifying.
    Munich 1972 

    Atlanta 1996 

    Pyeongchang 2018 
  • This thing at the 2018 PyeongChang Games opening ceremony will make you not sleep for days.


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