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Nightmare Fuel / Off the Air

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  • "Nightmares", of course. Examples include a roller coaster ride in the middle (and aftermath) of an nuclear holocaust, an army of creepy monsters with baby heads and knives for legs, a woman running towards the camera with the background distorted and blood coming out of her mouth, and a monster made entirely out of hands. Special mention to the guy covered in gore breathing at the screen for a full 30 seconds.
  • "Clowns" predictably plays with the idea of "creepy clowns", featuring shorts like a creepy clown edging closer to a security camera, a drone dressed like a creepy clown flying around a neighborhood, etc.
  • "Animals" opens up with a jumpscare of somebody's head exploding off their body. While it isn't graphic at all, it can still be pretty startling to first time viewers, especially with the horrible shrieking.
  • The "prebirth" short in Sound has 3 pyramid-head shaped aliens standing in front of a podium. One proceeds to spit out a baby, and out of nowhere violently whacks it against the podium.
  • Somewhat predictably, "Body" has quite a lot of body horror in it.
    • Special mention goes to the rubbery-looking CGI man twitching about like a ragdoll down the street.
  • Certain parts of "Worship" are pretty creepy, especially the 'Hypnogogs' short.
  • The Psycho city short from "Transportation." Has distorted screaming getting louder and louder in the background.
  • Less than 15 seconds into the episode, "Death" cuts without warning to a rapid-fire series of images depicting roadkill set to heavy metal music. The featured music videos for "Arterial" and "Beat the Drum Slowly" are also pretty creepy.
  • "Holes" features a video of two cowboys staring each other down before a duel. Staring each other down hard. So hard that it quickly becomes comical. Then their faces start to collapse in on themselves. It doesn't help that a third cowboy shows up and starts spewing blood when his face randomly implodes.
  • The "Hell/????" segment from the Space episode is horrifying to say the least.