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Nightmare Fuel / Oddity
aka: Mother 4

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  • All we can tell from the Mother 4 teaser is that the game takes place in a fantastical, whimsical Eagleland... But if the ominous, cacophonous music and title screen is any indication... Something in this world is very, VERY wrong.
    • "Whoa, this game looks awesome! I can't wait to see how... w-wait...why is...why is the music getting weird? ...Is that...was that a baby?!"
    • The music that accompanied said teaser didn't help matters, either. It starts calm and with people laughing in the background and slowly gets louder and more ominous and the people in the background keep laughing, with the laughter turning into screaming laughs in the manner of a maniac, then ending off with a music tone that is creepy and foreboding.
  • So far, we've had Earth targeted by an alien invasion, nearly be corrupted by an insane Eldritch Abomination, and conquered by a tyrannical Psychopathic Manchild. While it's not confirmed yet, it's implied that Earth will be subjected to environmental damage in Mother 4, symbolized by a tear leaking from the Earth in the Mother 4 logo and foreshadowed by the appearance of mechanical spires seen in the Attract Mode trailer. Another clue to this would be "The Green Run", a song from the Mother 4 soundtrack, and also the name of a secret US government project where radiated products were released as a test. The presence of the Modern Mind and the Modern Men seem to imply that there is an underlying sinister Government Conspiracy that is being committed right on home soil...
    • Once the game was fully-rebranded, the logo got a full makeover as well, to the point that the "O" part of Oddity is where the planetoid is now. Instead of the Earth, it's the moon itself that's leaking what seems to be green slime.
  • The Modern Mind. A cool-looking Sharp-Dressed Man with an amazing starry/cosmic motif. Also a powerful Humanoid Abomination with a giant energy ball for a head, and no facial features to speak of. In the Mother 4 gameplay trailer, he gave Travis and his friends quite a bit of trouble and severely depleted their HP/PP, with Floyd close to dying, and it only took a miracle (Travis hitting the Modern Mind's own comet back at him) to save the party from total wipeout. It gives only a small window into how terrifying the Modern Mind might be in-game
  • When the Mother 4 OST was released after the announcement that Shane Mesa's work would be removed for reasons we won't discuss here, certain songs provide hints to what certain events and locales in the game will be like... including Battle Against a Far Superior Foe. What kind of horrible abomination deserves THIS kind of music?

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