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Nightmare Fuel / Octopussy

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  • General Orlov and Kamal Khan's Evil Plan is to blow up a US Air Force base with a 100 kt nuclear bomb, thereby causing Western Europe to opt for disarmament, leaving Russia with the advantage... by using Octopussy's circus as a cover. With thousands of civilians at the base watching it. What's worse? There are children in the audience. And Orlov, in Bond's words, doesn't give a damn.
    • For that matter, imagine being one of the people in the tent when the bomb was revealed... with fourteen seconds left. Thank goodness Bond disarmed it in time.
      • With literally half a second to spare. When most bombs are stopped at one, your heart will stop a moment.
    • As General Gogol points out, Western Europe / NATO likely wouldn't disarm. They would strike back. Orlov's plan would basically cause World War III.
      • Against whom? Their early warning systems would rule out a nuclear missile from Russia.
      • Except that an investigation would reveal the exact location of the explosion, which would be nowhere near where the base would keep their nukes, and analysis might even reveal where the fissionable material came from.
      • The bottom line is that disarmament would not happen, evidenced by most of human history - and even if it did, it would only go ahead if the Soviet Union acquiesced and followed suit. Orlov's vision of Western Europe disarming and leaving Russia with the upper hand is pure fantasy.
  • Gobinda, Kamal Khan's Sikh bodyguard. He's tall, strong, has a Beard of Evil, and throws Death Glares aplenty.
  • Despite the film itself being (mostly) comical, the many, many horrible deaths in the film itself deserve a mention:
    • Receiving a knife in the back and slowly expiring.
    • Being impaled upon a bed of nails.
    • Being cut open by a bladed yo-yo.
    • Being suffocated by a blue-ringed octopus, and being fatally poisoned to boot.
    • Being mauled by crocodiles (with the victim screaming while being devoured).
  • Vijay, one of the more likable sidekicks in the franchise, suffers a particularly grisly death as a result of the aforementioned buzzsaw yo-yo, but his isn't a quick death, either; Q finds him still alive sometime after.