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Nightmare Fuel / Now and Then, Here and There

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What would you expect from an anime inspired by the Rwandan genocide? Who needs anything supernatural when you have Child Soldiers, torture, widespread thirst, child rape camps...

  • The realistically-drawn dead cat in Hamdo's room, complete with twisted neck and empty eyes, signaling the start of the show's slide into the abyss.
    • Even before that, we hear the cat meowing over an intercom, then yowling as Hamdo breaks its neck.
  • When Shu is first taken away to be tortured, we don't actually see it; we just hear some horrible screams from the bunkhouse.
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  • JesuOtaku says you may need a bath after hearing Hamdo's English voice. He unnervingly emphasizes the "child" in Psychopathic Manchild. His Dirty Old Man actions around Lala-ru certainly do not help.
  • Anime is no stranger to rape, but Sara's near-violation at the beginning of Episode 6 is near-unwatchable. Her facial expressions resembling an angry Asuka Langley as she beats her assailant to death are the icing on the cake.
  • Episode 6. The scenes of the soldiers kidnapping children of a village, rendered in black-and-white stills, with the sound of stomping boots drawing closer.
  • The Sarlacc-like Eldritch Abomination sand monster in Episode 8. Especially how it grabs Shu right while the Tear Jerker violin music is playing. It's a moment where you might expect a Jump Scare, but unlike similar One-Scene Wonder creatures, this one just...keeps...coming...back.
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  • Fans mostly think the scene of Sara's suicide attempt was beautifully poignant, but seem to forget that she was planning to drown herself in Zari Bars' main source of water. Not to mention trying to induce abortion by smashing a rock against her stomach.
  • And the final bit of ultimate Fridge Horror...these people, including Sara, will probably be killed by the literal end of the world; its consumption by the sun swelling in its death throes (unless, of course, they develop some form of space travel using Hellywood's technology). Talk about an Esoteric Happy Ending...


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