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Nightmare Fuel / Now and Again

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While Now and Again primarily focused on the character relationships, there were some bad guys for Michael to fight and they couldn't be totally ignored.

  • The Eggman in the three-part pilot - especially his very first scene. A quiet, unassuming little man (Kim Chan) gets on a Tokyo subway, leaves an egg behind and gets off the train before it can crack. When it does, nothing happens... but then a second later people are bleeding from their eyes and mouths and the screaming starts. When the train pulls up, you see only the exterior and a bloody hand pressing against the glass. AC/DC's "Hells Bells" plays through the entire montage, which makes it even creepier. (You can kind of understand why the Beatles rep decided not to allow the show to play "I Am the Walrus" during that scene...)
    • So with that scene in mind, the sight of the Eggman on a crowded NYC subway train three episodes later with a gas mask and egg in hand is just as disturbing. It helps that Kim Chan remains calm and quiet throughout all his appearances, with only two lines of dialogue.
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  • Also, the first time we see Theo from Michael's perspective in the pilot. We don't see Michael at all (and Theo tells him he's not going to want a mirror), but it's heavily implied that Michael is practically a Brain in a Jar at this point, which means his perceived dialogue may actually just be his responses through some kind of apparatus hooked up to his brain to allow him to communicate.
  • At the end of Lizzard's Tale, when Theo confronts Frederick after he kidnapped Michael to use as an organ farm, Frederick points out that he's already seen too much. Theo grabs the surgical drill and drags him out of frame, and we hear Frederick screaming and the sound of the drill. In the next scene at the townhouse, Michael is safe and Theo mysteriously has a few coolers with organs that are prepped for donation. Guess who they belonged to?


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