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Nightmare Fuel / 9

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Seamstress. A giant snake with a porcelain doll's head that has the dead body of 2 grafted onto her tail and uses it to hypnotize 8 into submission, before sewing him inside her body and dragging 7 away. She boasts numerous appendages just designed for chopping up and sewing up innocent stitchpunk skin. Also, to silence 8, she sews his mouth shut. Yeah...
    • 1 send 2 out into the Wasteland on purpose. He said it was for the good of the rest of the Stitchpunks, but may have felt regret. He at least felt understandable fear when he saw 2's body weaving towards him. For a moment 1 might have thought that 2 had come back as a ghost or zombie to haunt him. Then after he's saved from the Seamstress he wakes up to see 2's permanently dilated eyes staring right into his.
    • Poor 8 was sewn up and taken to the fabrication machine, then had a few moments of panic and horror before his soul was taken out. He was a thug for 1 but still had the innocence most of the other Stitchpunks have (or had).
  • That "chopping up innocent Stitchpunk skin" echoes the original short, wherein one shot clearly shows part of 5's fabric sewn into the body of the original Beast.
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  • Just watching the Winged Beast's construction is pure horror. You see the Fabrication Machine grabbing random bits of scrap, fabric, and human bones, and pull them together off screen. Then a beaked shadow rises up, its eyes light up and it starts screaming.
  • The flying machines have a crank they turn which lets out a nuclear alarm siren. As if that weren't the worst noise to hear even when not in an apocalypse world. It's sad to think they're still around, possibly originally used to warn people to get to safety but now just trying to seek out whatever life they can.
  • The fabrication machine approaching timed to ''Over the Rainbow'' was particularly haunting.
    • Due to that scene, "Over The Rainbow" has become this for most people who have seen the movie. Simply typing the lyrics will result in horror from a fan. It also acts as a Tear Jerker for many, but it's mostly this.
  • Anytime someone's soul gets sucked out, but perhaps 5's was the worst, thanks to all his panicked screaming and shouting "No!" over and over again. And the hole burnt in his eyepatch afterwards... brr.
    • More so because he knew by that point what was going to happen, and could only struggle helplessly against the claws of the machine holding him, until...
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    • 2's was worse, because you didn't know if he was dead or alive, and just had that Pink Floyd The Wall mask look to him.
  • 7 got harpooned for god's sake, and didn't appear to feel any pain, which implies that the stitchpunks can't feel anything, good or bad.
    • She was seen limping however, and when 9 got his arm torn, he looked to be in pain when he tried to use it.
      • When the scientist was giving the last part of his soul to Nine his shadow is seen on the wall, flickering and writhing, during the alchemical process. The scientist definitely was in extreme agony. He had to do the soul transfer process for each doll, getting weaker and weaker each time.
  • Being a puppet doll means dismemberment won't kill you. Think about it. Also, the soul-stealer.
  • The whole concept, really; even the cute things are horrifying if you think about them for more than a few seconds. For example, the bird skull that 7 wears for armour is all well and good until you consider that there probably aren't any birds left alive anywhere.
  • The Cat Beast has a skull strapped onto its head that can give anyone the willies. Either the fabrication machine made it, which is freaky, or people made it before the end, using some poor cat.
  • In the Fallout games at least insects and animals survive, as well as some plant life and microscopic organisms. It's an outdated view of what a nuclear apocalypse would be like but it at least shows that there would still be some animal life. The Stitchpunks' world likely has some elements left, since there needs to be oxygen for all the fires and explosions that happened, but no living things at all not even bacteria. Life will have to start all over from a primordial state before Earth gets back to having any sort of evolution lines or animal kingdom.
  • Watching 6 get his soul sucked out and his dead body being pitched into a dark, seemingly endless chasm below.
  • Seeing a mother and her baby as withered corpses.
    • And the fact that they haven't completely rotted away to skeletons yet implies that even the most basic bacteria are dead.
  • The talisman that sucks out your soul (or at least a part of it), causing you to become nothing more than a body.
  • When 7 and 9 are escaping the factory, there's this very brief shot of a spider-machine running over 8's dead body.
  • The voice actor of the scientist is named Alan Oppenheimer. Eerily appropriate.


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