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Nightmare Fuel / Nights at the Circus

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  • The main character is led through a hallway filled with jeweled eggs, each of which contain the life of a woman murdered by the person leading her, while an ice sculpture of her melts into a spread of caviar and an animatronic orchestra plays really creepy music. Three chapters later, a group of tigers are fused with mirrors to form sentient shards of glass with orange stripes that are hot to the touch.
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  • Earlier in the book, there is a long scene involving being raped inside a Megalithic tomb, a woman with eyes on her chest, a girl whose face is permanently covered in cobwebs, a seemingly normal (but not particularly nice) character who turns out to be a gigantic, demon-possessed doll, a man who delivers a three-page rant about obscure rites and cults before trying to sacrifice the main character to the Earth Goddess while children play in his front yard, and a comatose woman over whom another character, who is winged, hunches holding a sword for a very long time. Remember, this is in a single chapter. And this is probably her least creepy book. It should come as no surprise that one of Carter's main literary influences was the Marquis de Sade.
  • The clowns. Next to Buffo's Last Supper, all the rest is just scenery.

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