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Nightmare Fuel / Nickelodeon Fanon

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  • Various villains in Nickelodeon Fanon can count.
  • Various scenes in The ACS: High Society.
  • Some threats said by Perfect are just bone-chilling.
  • Two episodes in HTML: The Animated Series.
  • SpongeBob: Infection is chock-full of this. Even the general premise is enough to scare some, not to mention some of the characters' slow descents into insanity, and the zombies themselves. Some of the scarier scenes are:
    • The opening scene in the first episode in which we see a bug latch onto an unsuspecting woman in close-up, causing her to transform into a zombie.
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    • The news report which first announces the coming zombie plague is terrifying, especially considering we see the reporter pull out a gun and shoot himself at the end of it. Sweet dreams, kids!
    • The Nightcallers, who are hooded figures who preach the end of the world, and are extremely mysterious.
    • The SBAC may not seem all that frightening at first, but when you find out they have bred viruses that kill in a matter of seconds as a simple experiment, the implications become terrifying.
    • The scenes depicting the mass hysteria during the apocalypse are very realistic and nightmarish.
    • The whole Barg 'n' Mart scene, especially an SBAC member killing himself using his own bred viruses, and the gory fates that the zombies befall.
    • And that was just the first episode.
  • Chrome's Show of Chromeyness has a strange world titled VECTOR LAND which contains about every single creepypasta. Some of them have blood dripping off their body parts. One of the citizens even has their flesh ripped off, exposing a muscles, a skeleton and pitch black eyeballs.
    • Remember this is a PG-rated cartoon.
      • Also, the portal to even get to VECTOR LAND is a haunted Gameboy that sets things on fire.
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    • Nova, a mysterious and small villain in Chrome's Show of Chromeyness, has murdered so many people he has a list that extends from the roof of Chrome's House to the floor.
  • Car, an abandoned cartoon, features a man named The Man who witnessed the death of his cat, lives in an old, wooden house, parents who destroy cars and his right arm is broken.
    • And this is rated TV-Y7.
    • That's worse than Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.
  • Krazy's nightmares of Jeffrey the Horse Murderer killing all his friends (and random cute horses Krazy found in his dream) in the second episode of Krazy vs. Life, "Night Mare".

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