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Nightmare Fuel / Nick Cave

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  • Murder Ballads by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The whole thing, but especially "Song of Joy" and "Stagger Lee". Of course, if you listen to an album called Murder Ballads NOT expecting to be creeped out, then you probably deserve everything you get.
  • "Stagger Lee" started off nice, but then near the end, when the lyrics finally kick in and Blixa just starts screaming... And not in the way you'd initially think either...
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  • There's also "The Curse of Millhaven." (Warning: loud.) Doesn't help that it's so catchy, either.
  • Try "Deep In The Woods" by Cave's earlier postpunk band The Birthday Party. Sung in first-person,it's about a self-pitying sex-murderer, and is one of the creepiest things Nick Cave has ever done.
  • "Night of the Lotus Eaters" is another very creepy Nick Cave song, from the album Dig Lazarus Dig. Soft, repetitive and ominous.
  • "The Carny", anyone?
  • "From Her to Eternity" is deeply unnerving as well. Besides being about a stalker who lives in the apartment underneath that of the woman he's stalking, it's musically chaotic and the disturbing lyrics are mostly slurred.
  • The unsettling dread of "Red Right Hand" from Let Love In.
  • "Do You Love Me? Part 2" from Let Love In is one of Nick Cave's most unsettling creations, a completely gothic string-driven ballad about a victim of rape in a theater as a child and the twisted effects it has on him as an adult.
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  • "Loverman", one of Cave's most famous songs, is also one of his most insane and intense. A loud, dynamic anthem of a stalker/rapist.
  • The cacophony of flutes and other woodwind instruments at the start of "Breathless", from "Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus", can be this for some listeners, given the serene soundscape of the rest of the love song.

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