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Nightmare Fuel / Nichijou

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Help isn't coming.

  • When Sakamoto got stuck in the superglue. Unlike the Professor and Nano, he was entirely engulfed. "I might die," indeed. The same thing happens to Nakamura later on.
  • As with K-On!, the use of the song "Tsubasa wo Kudasai" in one of the endings might cause Mood Whiplash for some after watching Rebuild of Evangelion.
  • The elevator scene in episode 8. You can't help but laugh along with the girls, but be creeped out as well. The fact that part of what they laugh at is the fact that Mai appears to have died doesn't help, either.
    • The elevator scene is incredibly, incredibly surreal. It almost seems to be a mockup of David Lynch-style surreal horror (see Rabbits), what with the disjointed dialogue and strange, atonal soundtrack. The part where they start going into hysterics is the least creepy thing about it.
  • Even though it is played for laughs, watching Yukko doing harm to herself out of stress (trying to get sick in order to avoid final exam) is quite disturbing, especially when considering the fact that school exams in Japan (or pretty much anywhere else) is Serious Business.
    • The same goes for nearly any scene involving Yukko's mother; it's played as slapstick and entirely for laughs given her mother will enter on Yukko doing something ludicrous, but it's also utterly abusive on a physical, verbal and emotional level. Yukko gets smacked around, talked down to and appears to get no love from her mother.

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