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Nightmare Fuel / Nekojishi

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  • Some yaoguais are known to prey on human souls. Such as Leopard Cat having eaten Shu-Chi's prior to the story, killing the poor sod. It gets even worse in some routes where Liao, now possessed by Likulau to heighten both's powers, sees Shu-Chi's corpse after Leopard Cat has left.
  • Leopard Cat's bad ending can be terrifying on account of how sudden it is; Liao is trying to follow Senpai across the road during the rain, and then BAM, he gets run over.
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  • Likulau's bad ending. Likulau has grown desperate that he decides to take away Liao's power, however he doesn't know that doing so will kill Liao. In some routes, we get some additional nasty details: Leopard Cat is the one who suggests to him to do so, meaning that Likulau nearly becomes an accomplice in Liao's death orchestrated by Leopard Cat.

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