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Nightmare Fuel / Nanashi no Game

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Nanashi No Game

  • When you enter the old Ikuta's residence, if you stare too long into the first screen door you find, it will reveal some blood stains that eventually change to a picture of people screaming. Glad to know you aren't completely welcome in there.
  • The "Bloody Man", Shin Yutani, when you find him on the fifth level. The whole screen is tinged in red and he is a persistent chaser. What is worse is that you are playing as Asahi, who runs throughout the house trying to escape only to find him in every room she goes into. This may very well be the most frightening moment in the entire game.
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  • Another noticeable one is at the end of Day 6. Professor Ohyama, who has been a constant ally, finally falls victim to the game. When you meet his ghost, he actually starts to run at you.

Nanashi No Game: Me

  • The giant Spooky Painting in Odaka's bedroom is a red and white colored rooster, the first time you enter in there. The second time, has changed to that of a ghostly person screaming through the painting's texture.

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