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Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony TV Specials

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G1 My Little Pony is known for one thing- how utterly frightening the villains are. And Tirac and Katrina got the whole trend off quite horrifyingly.

Rescue at Midnight Castle
But you three will do... For now...
  • Tirac threatens to behead Spike if Scorpan refuses to help him. The axe shown while this threat is made is also particularly vicious looking.
  • Tirac's Rainbow of Darkness painfully transforms the ponies into dragon-demons.
    • The first three ponies being transformed by Tirac can be seen at a kind of halfway stage midway through, still crying and whimpering in fear.
  • Tirac's Rainbow of Darkness is normally contained in a pouch, where it throbs like a heart and shines with an eerie, creepy glow.
  • The Rainbow of Light tears Tirac apart, almost destroys Midnight Castle (with the good guys still on it) and finally drags Tirac to the sky, where he is killed in a giant explosion.


Escape from Catrina

  • Rep is pushed around, belittled, and even struck by Catrina.
  • Witchweed turns Catrina, who used to be a much nicer person, into a huge demonic giant that shoots lightning out of her eyes.
  • Catrina is completely addicted to her Witchweed potion, to the point that she tries to force the Ponies to make more of it.


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