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Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown

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  • Rainbow Dash, after going out into a storm to try and solve the magic problem herself, ends up alone and stuck in quicksand on a small island. If not for Sunset and Twilight, Rainbow would have likely been stuck there until she died of thirst, exposure, or eaten by the giant monster plant that made its home on the island.
  • There are other, completely unsupervised portals to Equestria through which monstrous creatures can be created.
  • Let's put ourselves in Sci-Twilight's place: she has been sent into Equestria without way to go back (from what they know) without food, is in a dangerous place and nobody knows and to make things worse, she is in a body she doesn't know how to move. If Princess Twilight wasn't there, they could have been trapped forever!