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Nightmare Fuel / Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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"Sherman, that's not my hand."

This is a heartwarming movie about a genius dog who adopts a boy and goes on an adventure through time, based on characters from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Nothing scary about that, right? WRONG.

  • In Ancient Egypt, there's a quick yet Squicky moment where Mr. Peabody and Sherman are thrown into the Egyptian tomb, and Sherman grabs Peabody's paw in the darkness... or so he thinks. When Peabody lights a torch, Sherman sees that he's holding the hand of a decomposing mummy! (Pictured above) Mr. Peabody's pun "That's disarming" didn't help.
  • The scene where the WABAC almost gets sucked into a black hole. The idea of being sucked in by a near-irresistible force and being crushed into oblivion is certainly frightening. It took Peabody diverting all power to the reverse thrusters to allow them to escape, which they did just in the nick of time.
  • Seeing both versions of Sherman and Mr. Peabody attempting to separate their paradox selves was disturbing.
    • Also the fact that after the two have merged it should still mean there is a copy of Penny trapped in ancient Egypt about to marry King Tut.
  • Ms. Grunion herself just has the appearance of that mean, scary lady who is there to frighten children. Even her facial expressions when sharpening a pencil and blowing the shavings off is somewhat chilling.
    • Also, The idea of someone trying to have your child taken from you for such a petty reason.
    • "Don't you know what happens to dogs that bite?"
  • Leonardo da Vinci's robot "son", intentionally so.
    Leonardo: Children are not machines, Mr. Peabody. I tried to build was creepy. (shudders)
  • The situations that Penny and Sherman get into.
    • In France, Mr. Peabody calls out for Sherman and is worried about him because the Reign of Terror was just about to begin.
    • In Egypt, Penny nearly gets her hand stabbed, complete with tense music and her crying and whimpering. No wonder she Took a Level in Kindness afterward.
    • In Italy, they nearly crash from flying DaVinci's mechanism.
    • In Troy, Sherman nearly gets murdered by a soldier and Penny nearly falls off a cliff while being trapped inside the Trojan Horse.
  • The scene with Penny bullying Sherman in the cafeteria can be this, especially if one is or was a victim of bullying.
  • A picture of a Egyptian woman having her heart ripped out by Anubis in a bloody mess.