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Nightmare Fuel / Mr. Meaty

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Although it only lasted for over a year, many may remember this show for not its jokes and meat, but for its horror.


  • As we all know, the puppets in this show can be very uncanny. They make the puppets from Life with Loopy look like they came out of a Disney movie.
    • Mr. Carney, the CEO of the Mr. Meaty franchise, is so old and sickly that he makes Mr. Burns look robust by comparison. His puppet resembles a zombie, with bulging eyes and very realistic teeth.
    • Nightmare Retardant: His voice is freaking hilarious.
  • Mr. Carney's treatment of his employees; most notably, his sycophantic assistant is forced to wear a chip that shocks him whenever he's disobedient or incompetent.
    • Mr. Carney also has tasers built into his wheelchair, capable of knocking out his prey in mere seconds.
  • In I Love Lizzy, an alien disguised as a girl joins in on working at Mr. Meaty. At first, she acts like any girl with poor table manners, but once she starts dating Parker, she begins to show her true nature.
    • Let's see: she eats a fly like a frog, tests Parker's PH levels with said tongue, eats like a pig, doesn't know what shopping is and proceeds to act like she does, uses telekinesis, speaks an alien language at one point, and, after The Reveal, she tries to lay her eggs in Josh and Parker. Now that's creepy.
  • In the short Crispy Hand, Parker and the Goth Girl both stick their hands in the deep frier, burning their hands beyond use. And then proceed to eat them.
  • During Kid's Party, Britney asks Josh to throw a Mr. Meaty birthday party for her little brother. When Josh and Parker feed the boy a piece of very sugary cake, he goes hyper and runs crazy through the mall. After just two licks of the icing from the cake, the boy literally turns monstrous, with crazy yellow eyes, and mauls Parker almost to the death!
    • Also worthy of mention is the unidentified victim still frozen in the kitchen freezer, which understandably unnerves Parker.
  • The episode Suburb of the Apes, has the duo travelling to the future where baboons have taken over mankind. They even threaten the duo to work for them. There were skeletons and cobwebs everywhere. Araneophobes beware!
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  • In The Incredible Jerk, years of being insulted finally takes a toll on Parker, who turns into a rampaging beast and insults everyone.
  • The T.V. special, Dream of the Dead, has Josh, Parker, and some goth girl reawakening a man named Mr. Bugosi...who then tries to eat the goth girl's brain.
  • In "The Fries That Bind", Parker gets a job at Soy What?, only to be taken hostage there by its owner and served up on a platter for their cannibalistic cult! Parker even notes seeing a skull on the floor right before he is nabbed.
    • Also back in the kitchen, Josh operates the meat processor only for somebody's sneaker to fall from the tube.
  • In Schnozzola, Ashley gets her nose burned off by the boys after trying to remove a terrible zit. Later on, a rat eats her fallen nose.
  • Wedgelor. That is all. Although his demeanor and the way he's defeated makes him hilarious instead.
  • Parker's transformation into a girl in Parkerina. It's a spoof of the transformation scene from An American Werewolf in London, and looks very painful.
  • In Moochmaster P., Parker continually eats everybody's food to the point where Josh calls him a "moocher." Though, at one point he eats a raw burger and conceives a tapeworm.
    • And if that doesn't make you wanna hurl, after they remove it an Australian zookeeper offers to buy it off of them and he lets it crawl into his mouth and down to his stomach!
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  • To get back at Josh for leaving him for a girl, Parker makes his own friend out of meat and names him Hamish. Let's just say that Hamish isn't easy on the eyes.
  • Buffalo Burrito has Josh avoiding Parker because of his rancid odor. The reason he refuses to be honest with his friend about this? The last time he insulted Parker over his looks or hygiene, his best friend held him hostage by hanging him over the edge of a building.
  • Embarrassed To Death: A video leaked into the internet causes Parker to literally die of embarrassment.
    • In that same episode, Parker has a flashback to a birthday party where a child nearly drowned in a kiddie pool. It was only because of Parker's explosive farting that he resurfaced.
    • Finally, we are treated to the arrival of the Grim Reaper himself, or "Death" if you prefer. Not nearly as menacing as he could be however, in part because of his voice and Affably Evil qualities.
  • In Noseferateens, the duo turn themselves into vampires after finding one in their freezer. Sure, that's scary. However, what was really scary was the vampire they found.
  • Doug of the Dead. The new device, SALIVATOR-X8, turns everyone in the area into meat-eating zombies.
  • Model Employee. A robot by the name of Chip 2.6, starts working at Mr. Meaty. Too bad said robot takes Uncanny Valley Up to Eleven. Not to mention that he attacks Parker and turns him, too, into a robot with Machine Monotone. You're welcome.
  • Josh's meat girlfriend in Roast Beef Barb.
  • Josh as a very messed up looking unicorn in Unihorn. You'll never see unicorns the same way again.
  • In My Eddie, as cute as he was as a baby, Eddie, the yeti, as an adult can be very scary. He even scratches Parker at one point.
  • Jesse Lumberpond, a teen pop star, is knocked unconscious by Parker in Puppet of Pop.
  • In Nightmare on Josh Street, Parker goes absolutely psychotic trying to break into Josh's party when he refuses to invite him just to impress some cool kids. The tension quickly rises as the entire thing plays out like a slasher film, with Parker eventually sawing his way into the house.
  • In Doug of the Dead, Mr. Carney buys a machine that boosts people's meat cravings, essentially turning them into zombies. The machine doesn't work if you're wearing a Mr. Meaty nametag, however. So, Parker and Josh are immune. They think they've found the perfect way to make a homemade zombie film with Doug as their hero. But as it turns out, Doug (who's later found cowering under a desk and wearing a Mr. Meaty nametag), has never fought a zombie in his life. Then things take a turn for the worse when the zombies find out there's no meat left...until they realize humans are meat.

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