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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

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  • The offscreen decapitation of an innocent victim of Deathstroke's rage at the beginning of the DC side's campaign.
  • Captain Marvel, a child, being infected by The Rage is genuinely disturbing.
  • Although the violence has been toned down, some fatalities, and even worse, some heroic brutalities are still nightmare-inducing:
    • Green Lantern encases you within a bubble and then reduces its size. You can hear the bones crunch from a distance.
    • Both of Sub-Zero's fatalities shatter the victim to pieces. It makes you wonder how did that pass the radar.
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    • Triumphing even Subby's are the Joker's and Deathstroke's gun-based fatalities. Slade slashes the victim to bits and then gives them a headshot.
    • Some fatalities even have a glorious display of bones, such as Scorpion's portal-based, both of Raiden's, and Kitana's Kiss of Death.

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