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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

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  • The menu music. It's not outwardly intense or menacing in any way. It's a quiet, subdued, and save for some drums completely ambient piece that's just apprehensive enough to be incredibly unnerving. Sure is a joyous thing that you get to hear it every time you start up the game.
  • Not to mention, the Scare Chord music that plays throughout the Kreate-A-Fatality system. It only gets more and more intense as you put in more inputs, ripping apart the opponent as they let out screams of anguish. All of this never stops until the very end, where the music climaxes and the opponent is Deader Than Dead. Although it can be more than satisfying as well, especially if it is an Ultimate Fatality.
  • The death traps in the Kahn Arena are significantly scarier than the rest, which can be considered mundane or even humorous. There is one on each corner of the stage - many long spear-like spikes that will impale the opponent, squeezing every inch of blood and pain out of them until they finally go limp and die, a pit of burning hot acid that can fry the opponent to ash, a lava pool that burns the opponent as well, and massive grinding gears that can shred the opponent alive.
    • Special note goes to the Bell Tower stage fatality. If you finish your opponent off with an uppercut on the lower floor, they will go through the floor and onto a conveniently-placed spike. As if that wasn't enough, they will slowly lower onto a blade that cuts their limbs off, with a rat carrying off one of their legs to add insult to injury. Not to mention that your opponent is still alive by the time the screen fades to black.
  • The titular Armageddon. Because of how powerful the kombatants are becoming, it's grown to a point where all realms - all of them - are going to be destroyed violently. In other words? It will be The End of the World as We Know It. Not to mention, it is nigh-impossible to even stop, meaning that it will be an inevitable doom - the MK universe had collapsed upon itself due to its own nature. If not for Raiden's Continuity Reboot, everything would have been lost forever.
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  • Blaze's boss form is a dramatic contrast from his humanoid form in Mortal Kombat II, Deadly Alliance and Unchained, in that he is now a gigantic, hulking fiery brute with rock-like armor, and is also one of, if not the absolute tallest character in the game. His character portrait shows him expressing what can only be described as Unstoppable Rage.
  • The ultimate aftermath. Taven's "konquest" had failed, with Blaze killing him atop the Pyramid of Argus. However, even if Taven did win, his quest would have proven itself to be a gigantic waste of time anyway, as proven by both the Konquest ending and his Arcade ending. Blaze's energy would not kill the kombatants in the Edenian crater below, nor nullify their powers as intended - but simply just augment their strength (or even do nothing to them at all), resulting in the quest failing by any account. And in the end, as Mortal Kombat 9 depicts, through all the deaths of warriors good and evil, all the blood that was spilled, all the kombat that spread through the Edenian crater, Shao Kahn is the one who finally defeats Blaze, claiming the ultimate victory after many years of failure; giving a tremendous Breaking Speech to Raiden who dies by his hand. While Raiden does reset the timeline successfully, his original counterpart is done for, and he had also forever doomed the original game timeline once and for all. Armageddon had come and gone, and after the dust settled, evil had triumphed at last.
    • But even then, it's not a happy ending for Shao Kahn. Why, you may ask? Simple. After spending a few years afterwards to take over all the realms out there and becoming a being above all else, he goes insane from grief and boredom due to the fact that he can no longer take over any other lands and that he can never enjoy a challenge ever again. His ultimate goal becomes his worst nightmare and he is stuck that way, unable to die and unable to ever enjoy whatever made him happy. If anything, his defeats in the other timelines were blessings in disguise compared to what would have happened to him had Raiden not changed the flow of time.
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  • Smoke's ending has Blaze's power convert his body and the nanomachines that surround him into unstoppable and rapidly replicating Grey Goo which will eventually consume everything in all realms.
  • Jarek's ending has him taking Ax-Crazy to an all new level and using the other kombatants' fatalities against them.
  • Kai's ending becomes this when you realize how ominous it is. He gains a Psychic Link with the One Being, the entity from which all the realms spawned from. Kai is able to see the past and present of the realms but when he looks to the future he sees nothing.
  • In Mileena's ending, she and Kitana temporarily fuse together and when they separate the two have switched features; Mileena now has Kitana's beauty while Kitana has Mileena's Tarkatan teeth. Mileena once again poses as Kitana and claims her throne while Kitana is imprisoned in the palace dungeon where she is driven mad.
  • In Khameleon's ending, she turns Shao Kahn into a Saurian, a process so painful and horrific that he begs for mercy. She then does the same thing to his allies but soon loses control of her power, transforming the heroes into Saurians as well.


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