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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat II

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  • The Pit II's stage fatality, more frightening than the first. Your character uppercuts the opponent off of a bridge from a tall height, and then the view the player is given transitions from the usual side-on view to a top-down view of the victim flailing their arms about while accelerating towards the ground, then shattering their spines with a loud "CRUNCH!" when they hit the jagged rocks below.
  • Scorpion's "breathing fire at his opponent" fatality as portrayed in this game. When he performs the fatality and his opponent is reduced to a pile of bones on the ground/floor, said bones are still glowing from whatever is left of the fire.
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  • The Living Forest stage features a dark forest filled with live trees. The trees have dark soulless eyes, unsettling looks on their faces like they want to eat you alive, and will often groan while making a horrific facial expression. Some trees are just stuck in a horrific facial expression. There are also corpses strewn about that have apparently been killed by the trees.
  • Baraka is a creepy-looking character, especially when he does his Mortal Kombat II victory pose when he turns to the screen, bows his head and looks up at the screen.
  • Mileena. Body of an intoxicatingly beautiful woman, jaws like a bear trap, skills of a deadly warrior. Plus, add in her insane, almost childlike personality and you have one of the most chilling (and popular) characters in the Mortal Kombat series. Her Fatalities are especially horrible because several of them (whilst still over-the-top), tap into the Primal Fear of being Eaten Alive, whilst emphasizing just how crazy she is. "Man Eater" has her cartoonishly suck up her opponent like a string of spaghetti before puking bones/gore across the stage. "Ferocious Bite" has her bite into her victim's neck and then rip their head off with her teeth. "Be Mine" and "Face Feast" have her tear off their head and nosily chew chunks off of it before throwing it away. Finally, "Tasty Treat" has her straddle her opponent and then rip open their midriff so she can eat their living organs out of their torso. When she isn't in the mood to eat or bite her opponents, she will just repeatedly stab them and rip their guts out with her pair of sais.