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Nightmare Fuel / Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

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  • The opening credits has a train whose front is shaped like a screaming face. What appears to be a gigantic demon spreading its wings and roaring. There's also a man watching television who suddenly collapses in on himself and his body fluids leak out of his clothes. Finally, there's this dystopian image of nuclear families being mass-produced.
  • During "Every Sperm is Sacred" a cadaver briefly comes back to life.
  • The "Boys vs. Masters" rugby game is just the faculty of the school violently beating on misbehaving students. The use of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is extremely appropriate.
  • The Uncanny Valley characters in the "Find The Fish" segment. The lord of the manor has those abnormally long arms and speaks in a disturbingly high-pitched voice. There's a drag queen who wears bits of plumbing on his costume and the butler is some mutant elephant who shuffles around, getting right up into the camera at one point.
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  • The Live Organ Transplants scene. A man is accosted in his own home, disemboweled and his wife does not give a damn.
  • When Mr. Creosote eats a wafer-thin mint after eating the entire menu. The end result is an explosion, sending partially-digested food and flesh in every direction and then we see that Mr Creosote is still alive, despite his chest cavity being wide open. No wonder this is the only thing that has ever disgusted Quentin fucking Tarantino.
  • Death.
    • First there's the scene with the suicidal leaves, ending with every leaf suddenly dropping from the tree at once. Then out of nowhere the image darkens and the Grim Reaper just appears out of nowhere and swoops towards the audience. For a brief moment you'll forget you're watching a comedy.
    • Being played by John Cleese means he's going to be pretty tall, but the way the costume is put together makes him look disturbingly off.
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    • The segment with "Mr. Death". There's the ominous chiming as he gets closer to the screen, the eerie music and none of the people he's come for can put up any resistance. Capped off with the gateway to the afterlife, which is accompanied by a woman's horrifying wailing.


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