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Nightmare Fuel / Monstrumologist

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  • It's a horror series. Natch. From the first book alone we have...
    • A boy with tiny worms swimming around in his blood.
      • The same happening to the father, as the boy watched. He also watched his mother and father burn to death.
    • Anthropophagi. See here for a lovely picture by Keith Thompson.
    • Crawling around in the dark and mud in tunnels dug by man-eaters as they hunt you.
  • The second book has Will Henry bitten three times, once by a regular monster but twice by the human-turned-Wendigo Chanler. It falls into squick pretty quickly because Chanler only wants to eat Will's heart and tends to caress him while trying to kill him.
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  • The first book also features a man being eaten alive by a maggot infestation. When his boots are pulled off, most of his skin comes off with it in a detailed description including a waterfall of bodily fluids.
  • In the second book, the Wendigo wears the face of his victims over his own. Chanler wearing the face of Muriel kisses Pellinore in a sewer where he also happened to kill a baby.
    • Will Henry sees the baby's mutilated body and face floating in the sewage.


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