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Nightmare Fuel / Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

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There's a reason why Victory Gundam is among the darkest Gundam series to date.

  • Deaths in this series are not only very sad and very common, but often are utterly anticlimactic. Mueller Migel, Uso's mother, got the worst: Being decapitated by a mech's tire in the middle of a Hostage Situation? In front of your kid and his friends, right before a ceasefire, and the only thing that remains is your helmet with your severed, bleeding head inside, which is then recovered by your 13 year old son? What the FUUUUUCK?!
    • The mere concept of the massive Mind Rape device known as the "Angel Halo" is terrifying. Think of it... First of all, there is absolutely no reason for the military not to use it since it produces no collateral damage, cannot be defended against and there is no chance of a mutually assured destruction scenario as with colony drops or nuclear weapons: in other words, it's the perfect weapon. Second, consider the terrible positions of everyone involved on the Halo itself — highlight, read, and have 'sweet dreams:
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    • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost, set around the same time as Victory reveals that the "Angel Halo" was also intended to deliver a payload of an alien microbe called "Angel's Call," which can turn human bodies into a nondescript black mass of matter. So imagine all of the above while the victims are simultaneously mutated to death.
  • Episode 7 gives us the chilling scene of Count (one of the old guys of the League Militaire)'s public execution by guillotine. We don't see the decapitation but the close up of Uso's horrified face expression that ends the episode is more than enough.
  • Fonse shows off why he's the actual Big Bad of the series when he manipulates Maria's goodwill to instigate the rampant fanaticism of Zanscare's citizens. After Maria demonstrates her healing powers as a Newtype, Fonse uses this an example of why the enemies of the empire deserve to be executed by the guillotine. He effortlessly gets the same people who were just praising and thanking Maria for healing their illnesses and injuries to scream for the blood of those who would oppose Maria's rule. It's quite chilling, and demonstrable of why Fonse is so vile.

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