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Nightmare Fuel / Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

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  • During Io's first sortie in the Full Armor Gundam, he slices apart a hapless Zaku sniper as the scene is shown from the Zeon pilot's perspective, which is both awesome and terrifying!
    • It's quickly followed by the Living Dead's shocked reaction when they learn that the Federation's new Mobile Suit is a Gundam-type. This scene shows the Gundam's fearsome reputation within Zeon, and why it earned the nickname "White Devil".
  • The fact that the Federation sends out inexperienced Child Soldier platoon to the Thunderbolt Sector as reinforcements.
    • They all died. Every single one of them.
  • J. J. Sexton. When Zeon's Command concluded that they must win Thunderbolt Sector or risk getting destroyed along with the Research Division, what does he do? 'Sir, we can't afford to lose, let's amputate Daryl's last good arm and stuff him inside our Psycho Zaku.' And he blackmailed Karla into doing it.
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  • The Zeon, while idealistic in their own way, was also revealed as incredibly abusive, willing to do anything to win. When Karla's mind was regressed to that of a child due to horror she faced in Thunderbolt Sector, the Zeon held her hostages so Daryl pilot the new Psycho Zaku for them.
  • Dr. Karla's terrified shriek after witnessing three of her comrades were vaporized by a GM's beam saber! With this compounded by the immense trauma this war caused her already, is it any wonder that she needed serious mental therapy by the time the war ended?
  • The Atlas Gundam casually turning Zeon mobile suits into holes using its massive railgun. To begin with, one of its shot dug kilometers long trench on Antarctica.
  • The destruction of Grublo, an underwater mobile armor several times the size of a Gundam, crushed by deep water pressure into a perfect ball. Io would have shared the same fate too hadn't someone rescued him in time.
  • South Sea Alliance managed to be even scarier than the two existing superpowers combined. Its leader Bishop Levan Fuu was one of the Newtype children in a Federation lab who both participated as test subjects and helped out with Monica's research. However, severe damage to his mind leads him to religion. He went on to form his own faction of zealous Buddhist fanatics who is more than willing to walk into gunfire for him without question, perhaps by commanding thousands of people to do his bidding through telepathy.
    • One of those people? Claudia.
  • Levan Fuu's first real demonstration of his Newtype powers is downright terrifying. Daryl's squad are not only cornered by Claudia and her men but are paralysed by Levan's People Puppet power. When she starts "channeling" the High Priest and suddenly the background turns pitch black and a pair of giant eyes are staring at Daryl and company (and by extension the audience), as Levan scans through their minds, the gang start writhing in pain with Sebastian shouting that it feels like insects are crawling inside of his brain. Then Levan begins to dive deep within Daryl's consciousness to start brainwashing him and Daryl's eyes roll back and he starts making zombie like groans. It's the complete opposite of a normal Newtype connection which is sacred and intimate, becoming demonic and violating instead.
    • "Daryl Lorenz, I can see through time..."

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