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Nightmare Fuel / Mobile Suit Gundam Age

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While Gundam AGE isn't as dark as its previous two series, the series still has its share of terrifying moments.

  • The Unknown Enemies, whose sole purpose is to kill and kill and destroy everything in their path, and blowing up a colony, killing millions and making millions homeless. This also causes a revenge fuel in the main casts of the show.
    • Thought the big twist revealing that the UE are Human All Along would make them much less horrifying? Nope, it actually makes them worse. Think about it: since the Vagans were living in a planet that has a weak magnetic field that can't protect them from cosmic radiation, they most likely were killing each other for 150 years over scarce resources (later confirmed to be true by Zeheart). Then a dictator, Ezelcant, uses their desperation to unite them under a promise of capturing Earth Sphere, which has been at peace for 100 years with advanced mobile suit technologies banned by treaty. Hate to pull a Godwin but, much like how Zeon resembles Nazi Germany, Vagan is the second coming of North Korea. Being personality-cult fanatics who blow all their resources on military technology at the expense of social development (as seen in Episodes 29 and 37) clinches it.
  • And their ace in the hole? Desil Galette. A Deliberately Cute Child who was always bad news to Flit, he reveals his true colors in Episode 13. From killing his own comrades to pressing Yurin to make her fight for the UE, Desil has cemented himself as a horrifying villain in the series.
    • One episode after that, he kills Yurin and mocks her, saying that she was nothing but a toy at his own disposal. The lack of any empathy is truly unnerving... from a seven year old, no less!
    • You thought Desil being an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight at the age of seven wasn't scary enough? Well, let's just say that in the Second Generation, HE GETS WORSE. And now we see how far his sanity slipped between generations. He's no longer a Deliberately Cute Child, he's now THIS. In short, he gets worse.
    • Strangely enough, he's even gets scarier in Memory of Eden for being RIGHT. Verbally. He may be the load in Generation 2, but in Memory of Eden, he makes so many valid points in calling out on Zeheart's behavior that you can't imagine him being the same butt monkey in Generation 2, but rather, he regains his old Generation 1 intelligence back again.
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    • Gundam AGE probably wouldn't have its own folder in this Nightmare Fuel page if it weren't for Desil being such a one-man horror show. Yup, he's JUST THAT SCARY.
      • Heck, one can thank Desil for starting a Nightmare Fuel page for the entire franchise.
  • Imagine being chained to the cockpit of a UE mobile suit as an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight controls the functions of that mobile suit. Then, when you see your loved one on the battlefield, the system controlled by the Blood Knight orders your mobile suit to open fire on your loved one against your will. And all you could do is watch in horror. That is what happens to Yurin when Desil had her locked up in the cockpit of the Farsia mobile suit in Episode 14.
  • Grodek getting jumped and stabbed to death by Arabel Zoi in Episode 24. Arabel then gives his smile demonically in the middle of a dark, wet alleyway will haunt you for days.
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  • In Episode 26, Flit reveals his trump card, a Kill Sat known as the Photon Ring. Much like the GENESIS, it vaporizes any unprotected Vagan that's in its path. Combined with Flit's eternal hatred of the nation that killed both his parents and Yurin and... well, you do the math.
  • In Episode 27, Daz attempted to taking Flit with him, and his face actually looks even scarier than Desil's!
  • Flit's coup d'état in Episode 28. While it's one thing to remove traitors in the government, it's another to eliminate those who would oppose outright genocide of the Vagans. Moreover, seeing a cold Flit imposed on the terrified faces of the uprooted officials shows how disturbing his plan is. What's worse is that they may have been doomed anyway since Ezelcant's true plans would just make the Vagans lure them into a false sense of hope and leave them open to attack. Meaning that in a way, Flit was actually doing what he thought he was doing.
    • The sheer thought of what Flit had when learning 'Second Moon', Vagan's main base was now in Earth Orbit. "Now we can wipe them all out."
  • We witness in Episode 30 a Vagan battleship wrecking havoc on an entire city, wiping out innocent lives; we even get to witness a mother bearing a baby vaporized by fire! All of this terror makes the AGE-3 vaporizing the crew of the ship with its new BFG, which would have also qualified as one Nightmare Fuel, all the much more satisfying. The scenes of destruction as the Vagan ruthlessly attack the city of Olivernotes. Particularly as civilians try to outrun blasts from the beam weapons and fail, demonstrating once again that the producers are uninterested in the Gory Discretion Shot.
  • We finally get to see life in Vagan. Many citizens live in poverty and are unable to get their hands on medicine for the disease caused by Mars Rays. And even if they could it would only be a temporary measure—Ezelcant himself has just six months to live, which will leave his wife with a dead child and husband. The disease hits everyone regardless of their age or social status. Conditions are so hopeless and dehumanizing that most people gradually shut off their emotions as they get older, except for resentment towards the Federation that abandoned them. For Vagan, crossing the Despair Event Horizon is not an event in one's life, it is their life.
  • From the new opening sequence, the silhouette of Vagan Gear. It will no doubt be far less frightening when we see it in the light, but at the moment, well, just LOOK at it.
  • In Memory of Eden, every single moment where the dead and Zeheart communicate with each other wouldn't be out of place in a horror movie.

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