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Nightmare Fuel / Millennium

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We don't want to scare you. We want to terrify you.
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If it's a show from Chris Carter, then it's bound to be creepy.

  • The first episode contains a corpse with the eyes and mouth both sewn shut but that's not a corpse, that's a living person, who later gives a description of the bad guy!
  • This image.
  • The drug-induced flashes in "Gehenna".
  • Any episode with Lucy Butler.
    • "Lamentation" where you see her descend down a flight of stairs with quick flashes of the Gehenna demon.
    • The music that plays when Catherine sees one of Lucy's forms.
    • "Antipas" has the rape scene.
    • From "Antipas". the scene of a snake eating Divina
    • "Room with no view" Lucy kidnaps two boys and traps them in room. With looping music.
    • Rounding out Lucy's appearances, her cameo at the end of "Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury" when the creepy little boy who's been bothering Jordan briefly morphs into her. Especially since this implies she's going to be a presence in Jordan's life the way she has Frank's...
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  • Jordan's nightmare at the beginning of "Dead Letters".
  • In "Force Majeure" a woman bursts into fire.
  • "The Well-worn Lock" A woman tries to protect her daughter from her abusive father.
  • In "The Mikado" A serial killer broadcasts his killings on the internet.
  • Lara Means' complete breakdown to Patti Smith in the second season finale.
  • Frank being haunted by the ghost from his childhood who gives him a very real idea of what Hell is like in "The Curse of Frank Black".
  • Very creepy one from "Wide Open" ends with the little girl, whose parents were brutally murdered, finding a new home and leaving behind the picture she drew of the violence she witnessed. As the camera pulls out, we see an entire wall decorated with similar pictures, each with a new image of violence witnessed by a child.
  • An episode of the first season, where a female serial killer butchered the federal agent in charge of watching her (the buzzing of flies on his corpse...) before kidnapping two boys and keeping them locked while broadcasting the same song over and over in their jail ("Love is Blue").


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