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Nightmare Fuel / Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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  • In Real Life, gavials tend to be really shy and have never been responsible for any recorded human fatalities. In the game however, they are by far the most aggressive creatures players will come across, making crossing the swamp areas a painful exercise in paranoia. Getting caught by one underwater will result in it spinning with Snake in its mouth, leading to an instant Game Over.
  • The Guy Savage easter egg can be pretty freaky. After saving the game after Snake ends up in prison in MGS3, when you load it, you are treated to the most bizarre sequence ever, where the entire screen is black and white, you wield a big sword, are capable of gravity defying stunts, and zombies come lumbering at you endlessly that spew impractical amounts of blood after you slice through them, something that might have come out of a machine that mixed Resident Evil with Ninja Gaiden. The sheer unexpectedness of such was freaky; even if you weren't necessarily scared by the zombies, you'd probably be wondering if your MGS3 disc is faulty. (It's actually a very cleverly hidden tech demo for a game in production at the time, entitled Guy Savage. Said game never wound up being released, which debatably makes the demo even better.)
  • Several of the bosses count. There's The Pain, who attacks using thousands of bees, and is, himself, a living beehive. The Fear has a long, forked tongue, and double-jointed elbows that allow him to scurry up and down trees in a very creepy manner. The End's battle is a long, drawn-out sniper battle, and though tense, isn't scary... though if you sit around in first-person view for too long, he'll sneak around right behind you and shoot you, which is sure to make some people jump. The Fury stalks you around in a series of dark corridors, with slow, heavy footsteps; hearing those footsteps running full-speed at you can be freaky. And, finally, the worst of the bunch, there's The Sorrow, who comes to you during a near-death experience, and takes you on a nightmarish trip through a river filled with dead fish and human skulls. Disturbing pictures occasionally fill the screen, accompanied with a scream. You must confront everyone whose lives you've ended so far, too. They're depicted in the way you killed them: If you shot a guy in the leg, his ghost will be limping. If you slit his throat, his head will be hanging back, his neck spurting blood as he shambles towards you. If you've been taking the Rambo approach to the game, indiscriminately gunning down guards and innocent scientists alike, this sequence can be quite gut-wrenching, as you'll be facing down dozens, even hundreds, of angry ghosts.
    • Not to mention his speech. Firstly, The Sorrow himself has that deliberately quiet tone that suggests he's absolutely furiously angry (more so than The Fury, who just overacts a bit) as he admonishes Snake; "The dead...are not...silent." As he finishes his speech, a bloody tear runs down his cheek, a gunshot sounds out, and one lens of his glasses shatters. Shiver.
      • He mentions 'you will be killed by your own sons.' If you have slaughtered enough guards, you get a nifty picture of Solid shooting Naked as one of the images you can get.
    • Then you have the sequence itself, with screams and whimpers of 'I'm worthless now!' as the dead try to grab at Snake. Creepier still, though, is the sight of The End. He's floating face-down in the river, and still somehow drifts towards you.
      • "Rawk! Grandpa, grandpa!" Cue whimpers of 'I didn't shoot the bird! I didn't!' for a few minutes. Later, after finding out what happened to the animals in the cages when Snake was captured... *shiver*
  • "I can see the earth! Mission control, do you read me? I'm coming home! (cue explosion)
    • It gets worse after that. A giant inferno is blazing around the room above Naked Snake's head. Naked Snake barely makes it to the door as a giant flaming head of The Fury shrieks "FURRRY!!!" and then... KABOOM!!!
  • The worst thing you can hear the ghost of a dead guard say on the river; "You ate me! You ate me!"
  • What about the ending, where you have to shoot The Boss in the face? Kojima actually forces the player to personally pull the trigger.
  • The End's bulging eyeballs are both creepy and disgusting.
  • The Shagohod's explosive entrance into the world from the ruins of Groznyj Grad is nothing short of watching a dragon being unleashed into the world of Metal Gear. Rockets annoy it, and bullets are not even ignored, and nothing is able to stop it from tossing tanks aside like toys and mowing men down like so much grass with its thunderous charge. All this would not be so bad were it not for that nerve shredding Battle-cry, which is akin to the bending and distorting of metal meeting the screams of a giant baby.... Shiver...
  • The sequence in which Snake gets captured and is tortured by Volgin. In contrast to the torture sequences in the previous games, there is no fancy electrical equipment, nor is the player given the opportunity to heal themselves - Snake is simply left to hang from the ceiling while Volgin pummels him to a bloody pulp. It starts off incredibly brutal and shocking, and only gets worse from there.
    • It gets to the point where Big Boss pisses himself from the electrical surges going through his body, and Volgin is aroused by it.
    • And not only is Volgin aroused by it - so is Ocelot. By this point, he's so obsessively attracted to Snake that seeing Snake being tortured is not only an arousing experience for him, but it makes him have an epiphany that torture is "the ultimate form of expression," and it leads to him becoming a world-renowned expert on the subject. The way in which he describes this viewpoint to Snake is incredibly unsettling, seeing as how his arrogance and his feelings for Snake had largely been played for comedy up to this point.
  • The Pain interfering in Snake and Ocelot's fight, leading him to send a swarm after everyone in the area. Some of Ocelot's soldiers become cannon fodder, and their screams as they're stung to death leading their bodies to become horribly disfigured in the process is terrifying.
  • There are some points in the game when trying to contact EVA is impossible. Her inability to answer the codec is probably because she is busy being raped and tortured by Volgin while disguised as Tatiana.
  • 3 is no slouch like any Metal Gear title in regards to how scary it can be to deal with an alert and evade enemy sight, but the times you are explicitly on the run from enemy forces prove to be frightening in the sheer simplicity of the situation being that you stand no chance against a large enemy force. Sneaking through the forest with enemy forces in pursuit with an injured EVA in tow is especially tense in this regard, simply because the gameplay remains as merciless as ever in enforcing itself, especially with an injured comrade in tow. It's effectively sneak or die enforced as much as possible.
    • The alert music for the aforementioned sequence is likewise much more dire and desperate than previous alert themes in the game, just hammering home how dire the situation is.
  • Snake Eater has what is arguably the most unsettling Game Over screen in the series. Beyond the standard anguished screams of your allies (or Colonel Campbell deriding you for causing a time paradox if Ocelot or EVA dies), this screen's unsettling aspects come into play if you do nothing for a while. The words SNAKE/OCELOT/EVA IS DEAD slowly morph into TIME PARADOX while this chilling track plays in the background. Should the sentence fully transform (or if the Exit option is selected, which speeds up the process), there's a Last Note Nightmare followed by a gunshot, and then the colors invert, just for one final scare. No other Metal Gear title has a Game Over screen like this, which makes it all the more frightening.
  • The very concept of the dense forest setting can be very unnerving for players, especially on higher difficulty with more aggressive AI and less supplies
    • Imagine it, you're crawling through the foliage, low on medical supplies, trying to avoid getting seen by some enemies just up ahead... when suddenly something starts beeping, and you realise it's your health, because something just bit you. Could be a snake, or a spider, or mabye a scorpion stung you. Either way, chances of finding it now are slim since it's probably scuttled / slithered / crawled away. Bottom line, you're now in the process of dying until you scrape together enough supplies to fix it
    • And the forest can be even creepier if you haven't been attacked for a while. Your paranoia will kick in and you'll start expecting a trap right in front of you, or an enemy you just haven't found yet. You keep thinking 'it can't be THIS quiet... can it?'
    • And the kicker? No Soliton radar, only a weedy little sonar and a motion detector that alerts nearby enemies whenever you use it, neither of which tell you if an enemy is looking your way or not. The only way to know what's coming for sure is to look it right in the face

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