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Nightmare Fuel / Megalo Box

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  • Fujimaki's introduction in episode 2. He's shown calmly making soup in the kitchen of one of his restaurants... While a man is clearly being beaten to death in the next room. He then starts calmly explaining how you make soup stock out of 'wild game' by boiling their bones enough. The implications for his restaurant are left out in the open.
    Fujimaki: If you take your time boiling it you can get 500 grams of stock out of 500 grams of bone. Works out quite nicely, doesn't it?
    **Dramatic Pause, while more beating sounds come through the wall**
    Fujimaki: Mr. Nanbu... How much do you weigh?
  • Yuri's recuperation after having his Gear removed is disturbing. He spends days lying on a cold floor, crying out in pain, his arms and shoulders wrapped in bloody bandages.
    • During his recuperation, Yuri has a nightmare in which his body transforms into hot stone, a reflection of his physical pain.
  • After having his Gear removed, Yuri's arms and shoulders are covered in raw pink tissue where his Gear interfaced with his body.

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