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Nightmare Fuel / M*A*S*H S4 E1: Welcome to Korea

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  • In the scene where he, Radar and B.J. are replacing a flat tyre on their Jeep, Hawkeye looks up to take a second look at some passing Korean travellers they had greeted a moment ago, only to find when they have vanished from sight. Oh, Crap! sets in when it hits Hawkeye and Radar that they may be enemy guerrillas setting up an ambush and the two start fearing for their and B.J.'s lives.
    Hawkeye: Uh-oh, Andy.
    Radar: [looks around]: Holy smoke.
    B.J.: What is it?
    Hawkeye: The Koreans all went into the woods.
    Radar: They may be guerillas, maybe.
    Hawkeye: Either that or they're having a gang toidy. (beat) We better get outta here. Let's be calm, guys. With undertones of frantic.
    • They continue to replace the tyre at a quiet but hurried pace, all the while keeping low out of sight. B.J. rolls the new tyre over while Hawkeye removes the old one.
      B.J.: They shoot at doctors?
      Hawkeye: Doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs. Any body. Any movement.
      gunshot rings out, striking the Jeep mere inches from Hawkeye
      more shots ring out
      B.J.: I think I hate this!
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  • A chance meeting with a troop of soldiers on patrol and Hawkeye, B.J. and Radar friendly asking them if any are from their respective home states becomes a severe case of Mood Whiplash when they are hit from nowhere by a barrage of mortar fire, resulting in one of the bloodiest scenes of the show.

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