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Nightmare Fuel / Martin Scorsese

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Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Scorsese films can be a nice trip to the past, complete with Classic Rock, classy cinematography, well-versed screenplay, and touches of Black Comedy here and there. However, over the decades, his films have also earned the distinction of being incredibly dark, gloomy and violent, showing some very realistic horrors coming from crime, psychopathic characters, organized crime, and historical events.

  • Works scary enough to warrant their own page:
  • Cape Fear
    • Everything about Max Cady. A cunning, intelligent sociopath who relentlessly stalks and terrorizes the Bowden family with the eventual intent of raping Bowden's wife and daughter before killing them and Bowden himself. He's the most frightening character in a Scorsese film, and that's saying a lot.
      • Don't forget his brutal rape of Lori, Sam Bowden's friend. It's the page's image for a reason.
      • Cady's face after having his face burned to a crisp is enough to give you nightmares for a week.
      • And if that wasn't enough, how about the weird, gibberish noise he makes while he's drowning to his death? Not to mention the Death Glare he gives right after.
  • Bringing Out the Dead
    • The whole movie looks like something out of a hallucinogenic nightmare.
  • Hugo
    • Both of his dreams, but ESPECIALLY the second one.
      • The first dream is grim since we see Hugo getting (presumably) run over by a train, although we never see it happening; our only hint at the event is the train emitting a piercing screech as it goes on to barrel through the station and crash through the window. The scariest part? It (or its ending, to specify) was designed as an homage to a real-life train crash.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Silence
    • The brutal tortures the Japanese Christians go through in the film is absolutely fear-inducing. This includes being burned alive, being crucified on a sea shore to be drowned via high tides, pouring boiling water on them, and decapitation.
      • By far the worse is the Pit. It involves suspending a man upside down in a hole, with a vein in his temple cut so that blood can vent rather than rush to the head and kill the man. This keeps a man alive while suspended in endless agony. This got Fr. Ferreira to finally renounce his faith. Rodrigues expects this torture to be visited on him, but instead it happens to five fellow Christians instead, and Rodrigues abjures his faith to prevent them from suffering more on his account.
  • The Irishman
    • Tony Pro, who is basically Tommy DeVito 2.0., and far more violent. To clarify, the man is a brutal New Jersey capo with a disturbing taste for violence and mutilation. He's a reminder of how brutal some mobsters were during the heyday of The Mafia.
      • The way he threatens Hoffa in his face. When you consider that mobsters like Tommy DeVito or Nicky Santoro don't hurt children, this makes Tony Pro stand out in terms of depravity.
      Tony Pro to Jimmy Hoffa: I'll apologize for being late after I kidnapped your granddaughter, rip her guts out, and send them to you in a FUCKING ENVELOPE!


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