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Nightmare Fuel / (Mario) The Music Box

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Hello there. This is your friendly neighborhood spirit leaving you with a helpful reminder: YOU. AREN'T. SAFE. ANYWHERE...

Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

    The Story 

  • The premise may seem like yet another Luigi's Mansion, but it gets chilling very quickly. An old, run-down, and haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere that Mario goes out to investigate, with Luigi trailing behind him. Sounds fine so far, but then Mario begins narrating the rumors he's heard about the house: people have entered it and not a single person has returned (eaten alive to be precise), and it's hung around near the Mushroom Kingdom for centuries.
  • As soon as Mario steps inside of the mansion, he's met with darkness. He didn't bring a light, so he's more or less stumbling around blind, just waiting to fall through a hole in the floor that he can't even see. Thankfully he doesn't as he finds a lone light upstairs.
  • When Mario finally makes it into the only lit room in the mansion, we get to clearly see some of the damage of time: busted and clawed furniture, more holes in the ground, dust and cobwebs, and a fresh puddle of blood right on the ground in front of the innocuous little music box which is winding up completely by itself (which Mario touched to find that part out). Not long after touching the music box, a small roar/screeching sound is heard. Cue a glass shattering sound, the light going out, and a lantern mysteriously appearing next to Mario. The lantern itself goes on to become the only light source available throughout the entire game (and it's noted that it's unknown what keeps it lit). Leaving the room afterward to finally explore more of the place, we see large blood spills on the floor and walls that were literally not there seconds ago, including a message saying "Take the exit". Before leaving the hallway, wee see text saying "It's going to be mine. It's mine!".
  • By now, the music kicks, and after taking the music box, Mario's about to leave to get some more tools, until he discovers that the door he came in through is not locked, but completely gone as if it was never there. He can try to dig a way out, but it's solid like cement. Congratulations, Mario: you're trapped.
  • The endless staircase from Super Mario 64 is back as a hallway this time around that takes you back to the entrance. It's about here that Mario starts losing his mind. Also unlike Super Mario 64, coming here while it's still an endless hallway is required for you 100% completionists.
  • The first floor's bathroom's door can be forced open due to being brittle (though if one stops to listen instead, Mario will comment on how he hears faint breathing from the other side). Inside, there's several puddles of blood, a rusty old bathtub, and a mirror with an off reflection. Mario gets a sheet of music from this room, and the next thing heard is glass shattering from somewhere (likely the other side of the room). A voice calls out saying "Come play with me~", and not too soon afterwards, a pitch-black spirit emerges from the hallway, chasing Mario until he breaks through the locked door. Mario's response after he leaves? "There's no way I'm going back in there!"
  • If Mario tries heading toward the garden area through the left wing by himself, a distant, demented voice will prompt Mario to hide in a crate. As it's prowling about, Mario can choose to sneak a peek at it; not doing so will save his life as the spirit stalks off, making loud banging sounds as it leaves. After Mario comes out of the crate, the player can hear its distant laughter. Though it never shows up again, the laughter implies that they know you're still there and they'll be back for you...
  • Mario heads to the first floor's right wing and sees what looks like Princess Peach walking forward. He goes after her, naturally questioning why she's even there if he left without telling her. As you've probably figured out, it's not Peach. Running'd be advisable.
  • The endings, just, the endings.

    The Many Deaths Of You 
  • The game is loaded with death traps after you get the music box: a whopping forty-seven different ways to die. For those who don't want descriptions, how's about we link you to a video instead? Here it is, all forty-seven game overs in their glory. Sweet dreams.
  • The earliest death you can get in the game is also the most abrupt and the least expected, considering that there's no such warning beforehand. Mario inspects the middle door on the second floor in the foyer, finding it to be a painted-on door. As he's going over how out of place it is and wondering why it's there, BAM! He's dead. The door does not do this before Mario has gotten the music box, nor when Luigi's around.
    • Also, look at Mario closely when the door kills him: both of his hands are free. The lantern is very likely smashed into him. Yeesh...
  • Another early death is on the foyer's second floor. A crack is found in the floor looking ready to give way. If Mario jumps on it, he will invariably fall through, landing in the so far inaccessible side of the first floor's bathroom and onto a set of five spikes conveniently placed there.
  • On the other side of the first floor's bathroom door, if one stops to listen, Mario will comment on how he hears faint breathing from the other side. Inside, there's several puddles of blood, a rusty old bathtub, and a mirror with an off reflection. There are two ways Mario can die here:
    • The first is if Mario inspects a puddle of blood coming from the southern wall. Unlike with the other puddles of blood, Mario will appear to slip on this one and into the wall. Mario's screaming is heard as he's apparently falling down something, and a low growling/gurgling sound is heard as he does so. We don't see where he ends up or what that other sound was, either.
    • The second is when Mario gets a sheet of music from this room and glass shattering sound is made. A voice calls out saying "Come play with me~", and not too soon after, a pitch-black spirit emerges from the hallway, chasing Mario around. If she makes contact with Mario or if he fails to barge the door open, the screen will black out and a splash is heard. Cue a first-person view of the spirit with beady, glowing blue eyes and a wide smile drowning Mario in something (likely the bathtub). After Mario's done for, the spirit speaks again, saying:
      Water filled my lungs~
      And then I was done~
      Now wasn't your death just as fun?~
  • If Mario tries heading toward the garden area through the left wing by himself, a distant, demented voice will prompt Mario to hide in a crate. As it's prowling about, Mario can choose to sneak a peek at it; doing so will let him catch a brief glimpse of it, not hearing its laughter while he's at it. It suddenly sticks a hand in the crack while peering inside with its black eyes of crazy (dead at the screen too), saying "Heeheeheehee... I found you!" The spirit happens to be the one up at the top of the page, providing you with the page picture.
  • The garden area has a large gap that Mario can try to jump over (he'll note that it doesn't seem safe to do so, tipping the player off). You'd expect his legendary jumping prowess to pull him through this one, don't you? Well... it doesn't, and unlike the 3D Mario games, he doesn't just take fall damage once he touches down, he dies from it.
  • The forest area past the first floor's right hallway has a pond. Investigating it will let Mario and the player know that it's still and has lost its natural color. As if they needed another red flag, a sign nearby says "PLEASE DO___ SWIM IN THE WATER" ("PLEASE DON'T SWIM IN THE WATER" much?). If Mario decides to swim through it anyway, he makes it across, unlike the above death, but he's slowly trudging on before coming to a stop. His face is shadowed and he comments on how something in his body is burning. That's the last we hear him say before he collapses, dead. Please take note of how Mario literally just jumped in and jumped out after about a second. That's how fast it kills him.
  • The right wing has two beds in one room. One of which is clawed to kingdom come, and the other one is... not as torn up. Mario can decide to rest in the bed, feeling that he's simply losing his mind. Apparently he has lost his mind if he decides to sleep in some abandoned, run-down, haunted house's bed, and he learns this lesson the hard way. When he wakes up, he's in some tight space where he can't move much and hears knocking noises, soon finding that he's trapped. Six minutes later and he's finding it increasingly hard to breathe. He decides to close his eyes and relax, hoping that he'll wake up from the nightmare. Needless to say, he won't be waking up again.
  • The right wing has yet another nasty surprise. A door up north will lead to a room with one of the two music sheets needed for Aria and a spirit girl holding a pair of scissors. If Mario doesn't bust the door open in time or if he walks up to the girl, he'll be forced up against the door, frantically telling the spirit to keep away. She asks the man if he's her daddy, telling him how much she missed him and begging him to never leave her alone again. He's about to tell her that he's not her father until she gets him.
  • Mario needs to have gotten a key from Aria (after getting two music sheets in rooms where spirits tried to kill Mario) to get to the kitchen. If Mario inspects the freezer room, he'll find it completely functioning, much to his surprise. Something shuts the freezer door on him, leaving him to die freezing to death. The man can't even cry because of how cold it is, and a child's spirit approaches the man, telling him to accept his fate.
  • Luigi will eventually enter the mansion and will have his own share of deaths. The first being similar to Mario's first death. Luigi will go down a hallway with one room and blood pointing towards the door. Should Luigi go into the room, he will be killed and his blood splattered over the door window and leaking out beneath the door. It's unknown how he is killed, but it is presumed he was struck with something or shot, given that the screen shakes and a slight muffle is heard.
  • Later, Luigi will encounter a painting or phantom of Mario and if Luigi fails to fight off the phantom, he'll die by either a break to the neck or strangulation. This death can actually occur twice, depending on the location in where Luigi is at. The second time, Luigi is hung by the phantom by a noose.
  • If Luigi never picked up a picture of Rosa, and goes into the bathroom, a ghost named Alfred will attack and kill Luigi if he gets too close. A bit later, if Luigi gave the picture to Alfred, he will still try to kill Luigi in a different scene.
  • Once Luigi falls into the cellar, Mario will wake up to the care of Riba, another explorer of the mansion. The two will team up and go to the chasm where Mario would have died had he tried to jump across. This scene alone holds three separate ways Mario and/or Riba can die.
    • One, Mario can choose to either go with Riba or stay behind. Should he request to go with Riba, Riba will state that he should go alone, with Mario insisting that he'll go with him. It eventually reaches a point where Riba will shove Mario back, unintentionally shoving him into the deep pit and killing him. Riba profusely apologizes once he realizes Mario is dead.
    • Two, if Mario stays behind, he can offer to give the light to Riba. Riba states that he doesn't need it, to which Mario counters that he isn't going anywhere. Riba takes the light, but shortly after Mario feels bad about letting him go alone and follows him. Mario enters the hallway to see a spirit feasting upon Riba's body. Once the spirit finishes, she realizes that Mario is nearby and holds him down so that she can eat him too.
    • Finally, if Mario keeps the light and lets Riba go on his own, if Riba encounters the same spirit as before, the same death scene will play out, but with a slight difference. It's revealed that Riba did in fact initially survive, but the spirit quickly realizes this and finishes him off.
  • Should Mario and Riba survive those three deaths, Riba will encounter another spirit in the nursery when he picks up the plank and some matches he found. Should Riba fail to dodge the attack of the spirit (by simply choosing to run instead of dodging the attack and running), the spirit will trip Riba and make quick work of him.
  • Even after all of those deaths, this section still has more deaths. Once Riba makes his way to the end of the sub-hall leading to the main hall where the spirit resided and the chasm, a possessed Mario will chase after Riba. This scene alone offers six ways for either Riba or Mario to die.
    • Mario catching up to Riba, Riba going into the room before the nursery but failing to lock the door, or Riba not choosing a spot to hide in the bedroom all result in the possessed Mario catching up to Riba and killing him with a butcher's knife.
    • Riba can choose to hide in the chest, but this results in the possessed Mario finding Riba and killing him.
    • Riba can choose to hide in the cabinet (which is the correct place to hide), but if he stays hidden in the cabinet, the possessed Mario will find and kill him.
    • The fourth death in this section holds quite possibly the funniest death scene in the entire game. Riba can choose to hide as the lamppost, with the possessed Mario quickly seeing where he is at. However, he starts to play a sort of game with Riba, pretending that he can't find him anywhere. He then decides to "turn on the lamp" to see a bit better. Riba gives a soft click, before the possessed Mario kills him.
    • Should Riba choose to jump out of the cabinet (which is also the right option), he will try and strangle Mario. Should Riba fail on the first or second attempt, the spirit possessing Mario will regain power and she will kill Riba.
    • Finally, should Riba successfully choke Mario twice, Mario will plead for his life. If Riba keeps on choking him, he'll say that he's lost all control wanting to get rid of the spirit possessing Mario, and kills Mario in the process. Riba shows great remorse and shame while he can hear the spirit laugh at him.
  • After that large scene, Mario will regain consciousness and talk with Riba about what happened. In this scene, there are three ways Riba, Mario, and/or even Luigi can die.
    • Mario will pull out a knife and not know where it came from. Riba can choose to lie to Mario or tell the truth. If he tells the truth, the spirit that was haunting Mario will control him again. Riba states that Mario was chasing him and that he had to strangle Mario. The spirit will then attack Riba, with Riba accidentally dropping his glasses and the spirit putting the knife up to Riba's eye. Riba tries to plead with Mario to no avail.
    • Should Riba lie, he is then prompted whether or not to tell Mario about Luigi. Telling the truth here results in two different, very sad, deaths scenes. Mario will become concerned about Luigi and go to find him, against Riba's knowledge and advice. Mario will find Luigi in the cellar where he was last left off. Luigi will believe Mario is another phantom and attempt to strangle him, resulting in Mario choosing to plead to Luigi or trying to find a weapon.
      • If Mario chooses to try to find a weapon, he will see the knife he had and stab Luigi with it. Luigi will let Mario go and turn his expression from fear into happiness. Luigi apologizes for not being a better brother and Mario apologizes for stabbing him, knowing he shouldn't have. Luigi complements his brother on how Mario is more important to the Mushroom Kingdom than he is, with Mario saying that Luigi is important to the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi states he was only a shadow to Mario, a shadow that doesn't need to exist anymore. With Luigi close to death, he states that he will always love him and thanks Mario for ending his life. Mario tries to tell Luigi that he loves him, but Luigi dies before he can tell him. Mario, grief-stricken by what he had done, plunges the knife into his own chest, ending his own life. He then realizes that Riba was right, that he shouldn't have gone looking for him.
      • If Mario pleads to Luigi, he will fail to get through and Luigi will strangle and kill him. Although Mario can't see, he can hear Luigi's cries. Mario tries to comfort Luigi, but to no avail. Luigi then bashes himself over the head as Mario hears a large crash and no longer hears Luigi's voice, hinting that Luigi killed himself. Mario's hearing starts to fade as he pleads that this all be a nightmare.
  • After Riba talks with Mario, the two head back to the chasm and cross it, only for Mario to be so exhausted that he can't move. Riba decides to go ahead and see if there is something for Mario to eat. This section holds two deaths.
    • First, Riba can talk to a female spirit and after some dialogue, she asks if he decided to figure out the truth. If Riba says yes, a possessed Mario will appear from behind a pillar as the spirit states that there is something she wants to say first, the same thing Riba kept telling her. Riba realizes that Mario is behind him as Mario continuously says: "Kill more..." The possessed Mario asks Riba if he remembers those words and then states that he killed off everyone in the home, and that the ritual that was to merge Riba's soul and the spirit together, with Riba asking what Mario is talking about. The possessed Mario then kills Riba by stabbing him repeatedly.
    • Second, Riba comes across two mushrooms, one red and one purple. As a nod to Mario games, the red mushroom cures Mario. However, should Riba feed Mario the purple mushroom, Mario will start to spaz out as he asks what Riba fed him. Riba says that he doesn't know, and Mario dies shortly after.
  • During a memory scene with Mario, should he choose to go back into the room he already went into, he will be killed by a spirit who was in the room when Mario walked in.
  • When Mario finds a bookshelf with blood splattered all over it, he can choose to read Diary Entry 6/7. Doing so will reveal that someone has killed more children and feels very remorseful. After this, Mario will be unable to move or speak, and blood is dripping out of his nose. Then, three shadowy children's souls (presumably all female) engulf Mario in pure darkness. Mario hears cries of pain as he can't fight against the darkness, and wanders in the darkness for the rest of his life.
  • Once Mario picks up a medallion half, he hears a crash and notes that the pain is getting worse. Then he notices a picture of Princess Peach on the wall in front of him. Already knowing it's out of place, Mario then sees the normal face of Princess Peach change into a demonic-looking one after claiming the ringing in his head is getting louder. A spirit beckons Mario to turn around, and Mario notes the spirit is holding a poisonous syringe in her hand. Mario attempts to run around to find a way to escape the spirit, but if he gets caught and fails to escape her, the poison will be injected into his body, slowly killing him.
  • If Mario and Luigi choose to go upstairs, they will be locked into one ending that can hold six separate deaths, and the first ending.
    • The next section involves Mario being possessed by the spirit again, after finding Luigi. This section holds five separate deaths.
      • First, the possessed Mario will tell Luigi to enter a room. If Luigi accepts, he will be locked in the room for three days, starving and thirsting the whole time, while looking for something to eat and pleading that Mario opens the door. He will then state that he brutally hates Mario, and then states that he can only think of one thing left to do. He'll then, in a burst of dark comedy, state that he doesn't need his arm anyways.
      • Next, when trying to assist the spirit Rosa, Luigi can choose to either say Alfred's name, give Rosa the letter, give Rosa the engagement ring, or give both to her.
      • Saying Alfred's name only results in someone knocking Luigi out and hanging Mario. When Luigi comes to, he sees Mario on the noose, and tries to resuscitate him to no avail. What Luigi says next implies that Mario hung himself, meaning Rosa didn't help out and let Mario remain possessed. The other possibility is that Rosa knocked out Luigi and hung Mario herself.
      • Presenting only Alfred's letter will result in Rosa's spirit not being put to rest, but thanking Luigi for his help. Luigi again loses consciousness and wakes up to a bloody Mario. Luigi then looks at his hands to see them covered with blood and holding a large stone. Luigi then remembers that he brutally killed Mario, and apologizes for what he did. It's possible that Rosa possessed Luigi to enact revenge not on Mario, but on the spirit possessing Mario for causing her to kill herself.
      • If Luigi presents only the engagement ring, he'll try to calm Rosa's spirit by telling her that Alfred is waiting for her. Rosa will then get angry with Luigi for trying to set her up with Alfred, claiming he was a horrible man. For this attempt, Rosa will throw Mario's body all around as revenge against Luigi and eventually kill Mario. Luigi, feeling guilty about causing his brother's death, will state that he can't go on anymore, and presumably kill himself.
      • Finally, once Luigi gets the engagement ring, Alfred will try to kill Luigi. If Luigi fails to escape, he will wake up in a coffin next to Mario's already deceased body. Luigi, guessing Mario suffocated due to panicking, holds on to Mario's hand as he states that he will join him soon.
    • After putting Rosa's spirit to peace, and sprinkling the mix onto Mario, the spirit possessing Mario will flee to the rooftop, resulting in the showdown between Mario and the spirit Alice. If Mario fails to escape Alice after her grip tightens (by failing to escape Alice the first time), his head will be severed off of his body, and he realizes he failed to save everyone.
  • The remainder of the deaths and endings can be accessed by going downstairs instead of upstairs. Once down at the first floor, if Mario and Luigi do not escape the hallway in time, they will be crushed under the rubble. Mario also notes that he should have tried harder to save Luigi. It's worth noting that later, during a similar scene, Luigi does survive if the timer runs out, but Mario will die instead.
  • Should Mario come across a room with a phone in it, the phone will ring, and if Mario picks it up, he will hear Princess Peach pleading for help and the line going dead. Mario then begins to slowly become possessed as he tells Luigi what he thinks happened. Luigi tries to calm Mario down, as the possessed Mario stabs, taunts, and kills Luigi.
  • If Mario enters the same room that the girl with scissors was in earlier, the girl will kill Mario. Then when Luigi enters, she will kill him too, all while saying how much fun it is to kill people.
  • If Mario checks the furnace that he didn't want to check earlier, he will find a key to the forest gate. However, a spirit will try to drag Mario into the furnace and kill him. Luigi will appear in a possessed state, being unable to help Mario. If Mario fails to escape the spirit himself, the spirit will burn Mario alive.
  • When entering the aforementioned forest, Mario will come across a sign that says "Forest of Suicide" and Luigi reads that "Those who get lost will end up losing their minds from the darkness of this forest. Proceed with caution." The next sign they come across reads, "If you get lost, you will end up committing suicide. So don't get lost." Obviously, going the wrong way here will result in Mario and Luigi being separated, and Luigi hanging himself. After Mario finds him, he sees halls of trees with Luigi hanging on them. Mario will then fall unconscious and when he wakes up, his possessed body will hang himself, painfully killing him.
  • Mario and Luigi must escape a crumbling cavern after flipping a switch and opening a new pathway. If Mario and Luigi fail to find the new pathway, Mario will tell Luigi to escape, and leave him to die. Mario is then killed, but Luigi survives and finds Mario's lifeless body under the rubble.
  • After Mario and Luigi find the pathway, Alice will take over Mario's body again, with Luigi fighting with Alice to get Mario's body back. Alice, using Mario's body, will try to kill Luigi. If Luigi fails to fight her off, Alice will stab Luigi in the eye, while Luigi tries to get Mario back, to no avail.
  • At one point, Luigi comes across a shrine of sorts with Riba standing right in front of an unconscious Mario. Luigi asks Riba what he's doing with Mario, only for Riba to laugh maniacally and to state that Luigi is still alive, despite Alice's attempts. Riba will then attempt to kill Luigi himself, and should Luigi fail to fight Riba off, Riba will stab him repeatedly and kill Luigi. Then he will resume the ritual, leaving no distractions behind.
  • Finally, during a final confrontation with Alice, who is almost done usurping Mario for her own, should Luigi be unable to fight off Alice for the third time, he'll die through some unknown means.

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