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Nightmare Fuel / Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure

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  • The entire purpose of the Merman Chamber. It drains the opposing merperson race - mermaids - of their magic and powers. Which doesn't exactly sound as frightening as it seems, but draining the magic out of a mermaid is essentially equivalent to killing one.
    • To add to this, the trident stone. In the episode aptly titled 'The Trident Stone', after touching the stone for just a few seconds, Mimmi explains the feeling she recieved from it as 'all the life being sucked out of me".
    • Once Erik activates the Merman Chamber, Sirena, Ondina, Mimmi and Rita immediately fall down the ground, groaning and seemingly in pain. This is the moment that Erik realizes the stone isn't stengthening their powers, it's killing them and Erik could essentially be considered a murderer.

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