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Nightmare Fuel / Lorn

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Lorn is a Survival Horror game. Obviously Nightmare Fuel can be found in copious amounts. Keep in mind, the game isn't even out yet, and already it's showing signs of being something to keep players awake at night....

  • The sounds made by the zombies. Made worse since you'll probably hear it long before you can even see them!
    Zombie: ''HUUURRRGHH....HUUURRRGHH....
  • The first level — the first level! — of the demo shows Voss awakening in some sort of prison underground. He wakes up seeing a skull in front of his face, then has to make his way through a labyrinth where the only major light source is his torch. Parts of the dungeon are filled with deadly traps, whilst others are filled with pools of what looks like blood. And you encounter the zombies within minutes of starting the game!

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