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Nightmare Fuel / Lola Rose

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  • Nikki and the kids' escape. They have to pack quickly and at one point freeze in terror when they hear footsteps outside, thinking it's Jay back from the pub. Then, when they're travelling to the train station in a taxi, they pass by Jay's pub and have to shrink down in their seats out of fear Jay or one of his friends will see them.
  • Jayni comes across as very paranoid, often imagining all kinds of horrible and frightening scenarios - particularly when she's left to fend for herself -such as someone breaking into her home, her mother being hit by a car, her mother dying of cancer etc.
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  • The so-called 'Voice of Doom' whom Jayni imagines as the personification of her worst fears. It always knows exactly what to say to make any situation or scenario a hundred times worse.
  • Jay attacks Barbara with a broken mug, implying he intends to do her serious harm. If it weren't for Barbara's quick-thinking and skill at marital arts, she could've been badly injured or possibly even killed, in front of her own sister, niece and nephew, no less.
  • When Jayni hangs out in the park with Ross and his gang, Ross forcibly kisses her and tries to pull her behind some bushes, refusing to let go of her and yelling at her to keep quiet when she starts yelling for help. The implications of this, as well as Jayni's obvious discomfort, are deeply disturbing, especially to older readers who are rereading the novel. The same can be said of the implications of Barbara's ex-fiancé having a sexual relationship with her then-sixteen year old sister.


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