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Nightmare Fuel / Lobo Webseries

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A zombie with plenty of flesh wounds.
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     Lobo is a Four Letter Word 
  • Lobo shoots off the head of an alien twice with its eyeballs popping out.

     Market Day 
  • There is an interactive segment where a drunken alien shoots other aliens graphically.
  • Tubo likes eating candied heads.
  • Tubo shoots Lobo's face and the latter's face regrows.
  • Lobo puts an explosive cigar in Tubo's mouth and detonated it with his remote.

     Lobo For President 
  • Lobo gets acid-pissed by a baby alien and kills it offscreen.
  • Lobo kills everyone of his arguing congressmen with gory and bloody results.
  • Lobo keeps yelling at the cameraman, causing his head to explode.

     Arms and the Main Man 
  • The people at Stumpy's Arms get gory deaths from his equipment. One of them loses his hand and another gets repeatedly stabbed by another gadget.

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