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Nightmare Fuel / Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

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  • Ragamuffin eating a woman alive in the very first episode in which he makes his appearance. Also, just the thought that he used to savagely slaughter and eat humans is horrific.
  • Lenore cutting off a woman's nose with a knife and simply leaving her dead body in the middle of the street.
  • Taxidermy and Malakai. *shudder*
  • In Volume 2, Lenore is followed by a creepy looking guy who apparently managed to survive 100 years just for the sole purpose of getting revenge on Lenore for traumatizing him when she woke up on his embalming table. Also, the issue shows images of the guy emptying bodies of their internal organs and embalming them.
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  • The whole background in which the adventures of Lenore and her friends take place. It's a dark, creepy town where few people (if they are people) are actually normal. It's an extremely dark, desolate place.

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